May 6, 2009

Working With The Angels

Working with angels is beyond simple really and there is no need for any complicated ritual or ceremony. All you need is an open heart, faith and trust, and a readiness to receive assistance.

As a personal example, I have always had ‘issues’ with electrical appliances. Apparently my kinetic energy interferes with the electrical do-dahs and vice versa - so I’m often faced with temperamental non-working or faulty appliances … my computer being just one of them.

Rather than rant, rave and abuse the appliance both verbally and physically, working myself into a crazy woman (or crazier woman) along the way, getting nowhere fast, I now stop what I’m doing and ask for the most relevant angels to assist me. In the case of my computer (and most other appliances …) I ask for help from the angels, turn off the program/machine/appliance, then get on with other tasks.
Without fail, when I turn on the appliance it will be working just fine …
problem solved.

I just trust that it works - and it does.
Give it a try.

… If it doesn’t work, then it’s happened for a specific reason …
- maybe it’s an indication that something has to change and/or needs your attention … or maybe the appliance really is faulty. That will be for you to find out.

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