Oct 25, 2010

Allowing Our Angels to Help Us

People are asking “Should I change careers? Should I move? Should I leave my relationship, get married, change my name etc etc?” More and more people are questioning themselves as we are all living in a time of great personal and global change.

To help us with our choices we are able to enlist the help of the angels. Our angels want us to know that these changes are inevitable, and the key to enjoying and making the most of these changes is to be flexible.
Change can often seem frightening due to our own uncertainties and fears. With our choices we face uncertain factors such as “will this make me happy, more confident, competent and successful – or will I fail miserably and land in a heap?” or “how will this change affect others? Will they still love me, will they be happy, sad or disappointed in me?” The list of unknown fears and factors goes on ...

Our angels are able to assist us with all of our important and not-so-important choices. From their elevated perspectives, angels are able to know what’s the best for our highest good and to see to see contributing factors. They are able to make the variables known to us to help us make our choices. Our angels CANNOT make our decisions and choices for us, but rather, they will function like trusted advisors for us.

• Create a quiet space for yourself where you are not likely to be disturbed.

• Hold the intention of connection with your guardian angels in order to glean guidance with your decision making. By holding this intention we give our angels permission to intervene and assist.

• Feel free to tell your angels about anything and everything you are feeling or are confused or concerned about. Trust and know that your angels are listening, always. Our angels already know our fears and foibles, our dramas, dilemmas and day to day decisions, and they stand by lovingly guiding us as best they can, all the while respecting our ‘free will’. Asking our angels to intercede in order to aid, guide and assist us is our personal responsibility.

Ask your angels for help, guidance and assistance with any specific life scenario or issue that you are considering making changes to. When you are feeling ready, ask your angels a question such as “what changes should I make which would be most beneficial to my life?” or “which decision suits the situation best?”

• Take notice of the thoughts and feelings that come up in response to your question/s. These feelings and thoughts will give you clear indications as to which direction to take.

• Divine guidance may come in the form of certain ideas, thoughts and/or motivation towards a particular action. These are promptings from your angels and can be seen as answers or signposts.

• Don’t pay too much attention trying to figure out ‘how’ your request will be answered. Just trust that they will in divine right time and order. The Universe has an abundance of miraculous solutions available to us. All we need to do is ‘ask’ and then ‘accept’.

• Another method to use when making choices us to ask your angels to show you the future outcomes of your options. This can be particularly helpful when there are several options to choose from. Again, create a quiet space, then allow yourself to fully imagine that you have chosen the first option. Take the time to really feel and live in that experience. What are you’re emotions telling you? Are you excited, fearful, enthusiastic or horrified? Analyse your thoughts and ‘gut feelings’ thoroughly. Then go on to the second option, then the third, forth and so on, each time fully experiencing your emotions and thoughts. Trust your intuition and your inner knowledge to guide you, as your angels are whispering advice and directions to your constantly.

• If you are still in need of clarity and guidance from your angels, hold the intention to connect with them and your higher self. Ask which way takes you closer to your divine life purpose (if even you are unsure of exactly what that may be ...) Ask which option is for the highest good. Again, listen and take note of any impressions, feelings, thoughts and even direct words. And yet again, trust your intuition.

Tuning-in to and communicating with your guardian angels can be done at anytime and anywhere you wish. The angels wait for us to ask for their help and guidance, and revel in the opportunity to assist us, with unconditional love.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. The angels did guide me several times on a particular decision, but I didn't follow it, as I didn't exactly understand. now, months later, I understand and deeply regret it. I wish I had understood. Now how can I go back to when they first told me? How can this be fixed? I feel very little motivation to visualize or ask for guidance now, yet I know I want to follow divine guidance. Thanks!

    1. Hey Anonymous, I know you posted this question a while ago, but I felt prompted to respond to you because I recently went thru something just like you described (and also cause you posted your question at 9:17 which is my bday!)

      I was given a chance to ascend and rebirth myself, .and heal someone I deeply care about. Though I was scared, and decided to pause my ascension and rebirthing process and wait for him (the one I was healing) and ascend together. Only later did I realize that my ascension was going to guide his, and I mistook some instructions from the universe to mean something else, and made a choice I felt was wrong. Then it felt like my life and our relationship (the one I was healing... He is my fiance btw) took 12 steps backwards, and for a while I deeply regretted not making the 'right' choice. Now a few months later, I am begining to understand and accept that things were. Meant to play out his way, for I learned some really important lessons. Like not to ever forsake the help of the angels and change your mind, all that does is help u stagnate. and I also learned never to second guess what the angels and universe tell me. Finally now, months. Later, I feeli am making progress and "catching up" to where I had been, but with a more thorough understanding of things. Also I think everything played out as it did possibly due to my fiance and his readiness to heal.

      Sorry I hope I was able to explain clearly a d maybe offer you or someone else out there some optimism and hope.

      Just be strong, don't be afraid to ask for guidance ! You will make it through this.

      May God Bless you with Love Light & Abundance

    2. Thank you& I say it with love, I’m patiently, awaiting for my true love to heal, and to come forward in the right manner, all in divine timing that I do understand🙏🏾❤️🥰