Jun 7, 2013

Life Lessons


Every perceived obstacle and/or negative experience that presents in our lives is an opportunity to learn and grow on a soul level.

Every challenging experience or situation we encounter has a lesson within it for us to learn ... and until we learn the lessons/s it will be presented to us again and again, manifesting in different scenes and scenarios in our lives until we finally learn it once and for all.

Every obstacle and challenge we face offers us the opportunity to spiritually evolve.  When we choose to find the gift in the lesson of each experience, we take back our personal power.  If we shift our perception and look for the positives and recognize that our struggles are helping us to grow on a soul/spiritual level, we pass the tests and learn our soul lessons, breaking the cycle of repeated lessons.

Joanne Walmsley


  1. Be careful of misreading people in your lives.
    Listen to God for he is the truth and the light that gives all the good things to his earth.
    'But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self-control. Against such there is no law. God bless .Ehnjl.

  2. I never realized that, but when I look back it seems to obviously be true. I have been following the angel numbers for close to a year now. It all started with seeing 1111 and 737 so much that I told a therapist! I'm still learning to listen to them. Thank you!

    Mike Pierce

  3. Will we be marked down or frowned appon if it takes us longer than it should to learn some of these lessons?

    1. Each soul takes its own Divine right time ...

    2. Indeed. TQ. Even myself. I was given the Rune Card Book, commentary by Ralph H.Blum for coming up on 20 years. Only after finding your page here did I become aware that you did the illustrations There are no coincidences. Divine Timing IS.
      Greatful for your being.

  4. Thank you for this sight it has corroborated my own inner awarenesses reached upon much inner work. This will help me in helping others to help themselves in their own divine timing should the quest I on arise.

  5. I have been seeing angel numbers about a year too. Im realise that my soul mission is to be of service to humanity but im financially broke right now i dont even have my rent money so all i do is serve my immediate family by taking care of them..im manifesting a better life so i can help others. I live in gratitude..send yourl love and light and blessings💝💞💕