Nov 19, 2010

Your Life Mission - The Purpose of Your Life

In order to awaken your true life’s purpose you need to be ready to accept ‘change’.  Change may come in the form of a change in consciousness, a change in belief-sets and/or thought-patterns, a distinct career change, a change in lifestyle choices.

Most of us have asked the question in one way or another, “What should I be doing with my lifeWhat’s my purpose?”

This is not an easy question ....

To find your answers:
            Listen to your intuition.
Still your thinking, analytical mind.    Listen.
Everyone has an inner-voice that acts as our internal radar system and guide.  We just have to listen to it and trust it in order to be led by it successfully.

Feelings and messages about our purpose and passion often come as a gnawing thought or a reminder of what sparks your interests and what is important to you.  Sometimes some sort of serendipitous situation or event will take place in order to jolt your hidden personal passions and purpose.

Ask yourself:  ‘What makes me happy?’  -  and answer honestly.

Take the opportunity to really analyse your happiness.

What brings you true Joy?    Write a list ... you may see a trend develop.
What is stopping you from pursuing your joys and turning them into a life purpose or mission?

If you are spending a great deal of your time doing menial tasks, working at a job you loathe or living in a way that is unfulfilling for you, recognise and acknowledge this  –  then be ready for change. 

Think about what frustrates you, what excites you, what motivates you, what disinterests you.  Take conscious note of your reactions as these may indicate where your true purpose lies. 

Ask yourself what you love to do, what you love about yourself, what you love about your life.

Ask yourself what is really important to you?  What ‘causes’ do you lean towards?  What and/or who inspires you?

How could you make a positive difference to the world for yourself and others?  When we live our passions and life purposes we are fulfilled, satisfied and happy.  This positive vibration spreads and reverberates to every corner of your life and serves as an example for others to follow.

Trust yourself to make the right choices for YOU.  Listen to your inner-voice  –  then trust it.

Sometimes your inner voice may lead you along a path that could bring you great personal joy and fulfilment, but may seem a little unorthodox, unsuited or inappropriate to family, friends or peers in their view and judgement.  Sometimes finding and living your purpose could mean going against the wishes or advice of others, particularly that of close friends and family.  Be true to yourself regardless.  Walk your own path.

Make your decisions based upon your own personal truths  -  no one else’s.  Have faith and trust in your dreams and follow their lead.

Patience is an important key.  Finding your life’s purpose may take time to discover and nurture.  Trust that everything happens in divine right timing. 

If you are feeling unfulfilled and know there is ‘more to life’ out there for you, take the time, patience and commitment to find your true life purpose.  Once you find your passion and begin to live your purpose, it will be well worth it for you for the rest of your life.

"When a man is willing and eager, the gods join in."
- Aeschylus

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  1. God Bless Every Single One Of You That Is Associated With This.

  2. Thanks Anonymous ... but I am only one person - Joanne Sacred Scribes

    1. And that all it takes is one. And like anonymous below, I am here...almost six years later than his/hers post!...for a reason...for guidance. I hope this page will always be here for others to find too. ❤

  3. I'm just trying to find my way, apparently something greater then my self is showing me or I would not be here right now.

  4. I don't know how it would be possible but I would love to meet with you some way and verbally hear your story of transformation....its the second time today I've posted something that's associated with your work.....something guided me to you started with me looking up repetitive numbers on your website....which I look at everyday!!!!

  5. I was drawn to write something here -- I never do this. I know with every fiber of my being that my life's purpose is to help humanity in some way; just don't know where to start...

    1. I am really interested if you started something. I would love to hear it! ❤️

  6. Beautiful Jo!! And sooo appropriate for me today haha....I miss our chats, hope all is well and I look forward to connecting again xoxo love and light your way lady!

  7. I have been so lost. I have a divine purpose. I am very spiritual and I see 10:10 12:12 1:11 and on occasion 2:22 I am battling with very serious health issues and feel like it's my time but I know it's not I am just very weak and ill. I am still confused however about my health. I am in need of serious medical help and have ran everyone away. I am scared and alone. Feeling curious.

  8. Hej Anonymous.
    Say to God in pray from the heart:
    God please help mee.
    God is divine love and his way, is the right way.
    Then your heart and your spirit guides.

    In light and happiness. <3

  9. GOD Bless you all....

  10. vail, the eye openerOctober 14, 2014 at 6:41 PM

    I'm not sure how this page was on my phone. I jus clicked on my internet pages and this was on. I'm in a tough struggle in life Bt I am in one big battle against my love ones about my purpose. I wish so much I had someone to speak with who truly understood and accepted me for me. N who knew exactly how to guide me. If so, where r u, n most importantly wen will I finally meet u??

    1. Hello vail,
      Email me anytime if you like.
      I feel your pain, God and his angels are with you everyday. They love you and you are blessed. Just ask for some guidance God blessed.

  11. Great post. I recently started looking up numerology and calculated my life path number using this method and I feel like I'm finally on the right path. Thanks again Joanne!

  12. Good insight....I will copy & save and always use it as reference for me....

    True inspiration and guiding.....

  13. Joanne, thank you. You are doing a wonderful job by been there for us. You are an earth Angel.

  14. Thank you Joanne from all of my heart! Bless you!

  15. Thank you Joanne from all of my heart! Bless you!!

  16. Thank you so very much Joanne! Your words are trusted, tried, and true! Spirit truly speaks through you and i know i can always trust you as a great source to assist with my Angel number path. Your site is the Angel number bible. God bless you