Apr 17, 2015

Being Empathic

There are many names for being ‘empathic’ or being an ‘empath’, but the most common name for this ability or skill is ‘clairsentient’  -  the ability to ‘sense clearly’.

Having ‘clairsentient’ or ‘empathic’ or ‘empath’ skills can be confusing and at times even confronting as you may feel overwhelmed by emotions that you KNOW are not your own.

When you possess an ability such as ‘clairsentience’ you may often possess others such as ‘clairvoyance’ (the ability to ‘see clearly’), ‘clairaudience’ (the ability to ‘hear clearly’), ‘claircogniance’ (‘clear thinking’, learning and knowing)  and others such as premonitionary skills, animal communication skills and/or you may have an extremely strong intuition and maybe even the ability to see, hear, connect and communicate with Spirit (eg ghosts, angels, spirit guides and passed over people on the ‘Other Side’)

Being empathic and other spiritual abilities are gifts to be cherished and used for the highest good of all.  It gives one the ability to ‘feel’ and understand life (and others) at a deeper level, as well as expand our own awareness and perceptions.

There are different kinds of empathic people, or empaths.  Some pick up on physical elements and feel physical aches, pains, symptoms and ailments.  Others feel other’s emotional pain and upheaval, as well as others’ joy and happiness.  An empath is able to feel the emotions or physical state of another person as if it was their own.

Empaths feel the need to help others just as strongly as the need to breathe and stay alive.  Many can sense atmospheric changes and disturbances, others can ‘feel’ animals, and yet others can feel electromagnet waves and energies.

Empaths (and highly sensitive people) must shield themselves from negative vibrations from others and the environment around them (eg shopping centres and crowds).

Empaths must also ground themselves in order to re-balance themselves.  This can be easily done by being in contact with nature, by utilizing crystals, and with the use of salt lamps and essential oils.

Being empathic also requires the ability to balance energies.The Chakras must remain clear, clean and free-flowing in order to function at their optimum.This can be done during meditation and spiritual healing as well as via other techniques.

Being empathic makes you a kind of beacon for those who are unable (or unwilling) to create their own energy, and instead, steal it from others. Empaths are most susceptible to this form of ‘attack’ as they are highly sensitive, spiritual beings. Some people are unaware that they drain the energy of others, whilst others are very aware and do it with purpose and for their own gain. People who drain others’ energies are those who constantly live with ongoing distressing moments and events and those who use fear, manipulation and a need for sympathy in order to attract attention and energy. They are generally very needy people with ongoing dramas who always lay the blame at someone else’s feet. They are the ‘drama queens’ of the world who always ‘need’ your help.

It is up to each individual empath to cut off communication with that person (or people) and restrict their personal energy, and seek protection.  Ask your angels or Higher Self (or Source) to cut the connection with that person (or people) and ask for healing, balance and strength. Learn to recognise the signs early and steer clear of them!

Part of our jobs as empaths (or being empathic) is to raise the energy and vibrational rate of our surrounding and others. This can be achieved through prayer, sending out healing, love and light, and by helping others and our planet.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. Thank you for the post...just to add, my connection/sensitivity as an empath for sure has been ever-evolving and relates to connecting to all forms of energy/life forms. My undying purpose and passion is to help others heal and connect to their TRUE essence and TRUTH....just wish it was more accepted in society to be an EMPATH. :) Love & Light