Apr 14, 2015


Each of us was born with a unique purpose to fulfil and path to follow.  Our soul’s mission is our life’s ‘calling’.  This is our ‘dharma’ or Divine plan for our soul. Our dharma is our reason for being.

Many people don’t have the faintest idea of what their mission or purpose actually is. 

To find out begin my asking yourself:

- What is my passion?  What am I passionate about?  What do I love to do?  What truly really makes me happy?

You will recognize your passion because it will ignite a feeling of excitement within your heart and soul. It makes you feel enthusiastic, energized and alive.

Pursuing your soul’s passion will not always be easy though and at times it can feel like a quite a roller-coaster ride, and invariably, it takes hard work.  But – if we do not accept the challenge, then we’ve betrayed ourselves, our own souls.

Your mission is not necessarily your job or occupation. Your soul mission doesn’t have to be what you do for a living, to earn an income. It may be something you do after work hours, on the weekends or in your spare time. Your mission may have nothing to do with what you do, but rather, what and who you are.

Our mission involves utilizing and perfecting the talents that are within our soul, and to share those talents and the highest and truest parts of ourselves with others.

It is our spiritual duty to pursue our mission  -  and as our soul develops, so does our mission.

Discover Your Soul’s Mission

Ask yourself the following questions, and answer honestly.  Allow your heart to speak to you  -  and listen as the answers come to your naturally.  Ask for Divine direction and be open to all possibilities. 

Ask yourself:

- Am I happy with the direction in which my life is headed?
- Am I happy with how I spend my time?
- What are my greatest talents?
- How can I refine and perfect it?
- What talent or skill can I share with others?
- How can I share that skill and talent with others?
- How can I use this talent to earn an income in order to enable me to devote my time and efforts towards it?
- What would make me happiest?
- What is my PASSION?

Listen closely to your heart’s answers and trust your Higher Self.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. I've been seeing repeated AND new angel numbers for the last 4 years ..... A LOT of them . I see anywhere from 20 to 50 per day. In the last 6 months, these angel numbers have begun to show as Quadruple digits - 2222, 4444, 5555, 8888, 9999.
    Four years ago, I "woke up" and this all began with angel number 111 and 1111. The last four years have been the worst and best of my life, and that's saying something cause as for the worst. . . I've seen more than I wanted. More than many people.
    So now, with quadruple numbers I am wondering what's next. What IS my Soul Mission.

  2. Every sense I got off of probation, september 2018, my lifes been a wreck.i lost my job, my apt, then I jus recently lost my mom. And now I'm alone . What is life trying to tell me????

    1. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope that you can find a way to keep going, however that is, and I'm wishing you some strenght.

    2. I am sad to hear what has taken place in such a short time. I'm sure you're just trying to piece things together and find the meaning. Know that the universe won't put more on you that you can bear. Matter of fact, it is in our lowest moments, in the moments where we feel we can't take an additional ounce of negativity that like a flower we begin to bloom... This past year has been your "planted but not buried" season. Much like a beautiful flower which springs above ground ONLY AFTER first being buried in darkness,then fertilized with things such as manure, you too will be elevated.

      Now is the time to tap into the strength of something more powerful than you. Kudos to reaching out for assistance. You are in the right place. Keep pushing. Be graceful towards yourself and know that relief and success aren't far away.

      Your friend,

  3. Every sense I got off of probation, september 2018, my lifes been a wreck.i lost my job, my apt, then I jus recently lost my mom. And now I'm alone . What is life trying to tell me????

    1. You are never alone dear one, you have many of you off this planet. You also have a whole team of guides, Angel's, and ascended masters helping you. Pray and find gratitude in all things. I was where you were at this time, and I meditate and do just as I advised you. Many blessings of unconditional divine love and infinite light to help guide your way.

  4. I'm sorry that you are going through this.
    Oftentimes we have to hit our absolute rock bottom to see our true mission in life. The only way that you can go is up from here, you can only make success and not failure in your life.
    If you would like to speak one on one feel free to message me. Although I can't say I know what you are going through I do know having someone to vent to can help immensely. I am always here for you <3

  5. Thank you so so much for reading AND caring about my comment ❤️💗
    It's always nice to have a friend ❣️

    1. Aquí tienes otra amiga para lo que te haga falta

  6. I love that this post is dated April 14 (14/4) as the number 144 is often associated with the calling of the 144,000 soul mission Lightworkers ♥️
    Thank you for sharing this post, Joanne.