Apr 14, 2015

Using Affirmations to Manifest

Affirmations are simple, positive thoughts, beliefs, words and phrases that affirm our life’s true desires.

Affirmations are positively expressing in words, thoughts and beliefs what we honestly want and who we wish to be in our lives. Repeating affirmations over and over allows the subconscious mind to accept what we affirm as fact. Our behaviour will follow accordingly.

Through affirmations we are able to think ourselves more positive, improve personal self-love, become healthier, stronger, more patient, kinder, more compassionate, more wealthier ... the list is endless.

The words we use, our attitudes, our thoughts and beliefs send out an energy and vibration to the Universe.  Positive words and declarations send out positive energies. Declaring positive affirmations help to break negative habits, thought-forms and mind-sets.

There is an often over-looked, but logical reason why affirmations work. Affirmations are a direct communication with the ‘soul mind’. The ‘soul mind’ has eternal wisdom and knowledge, and always resonates with our soul’s truths.

A most effective way of reinforcing positive affirmations is to write them down in the form of ‘letters to the Universe’. These letters can be addressed to ‘God’, your angels and/or Spirit Guides, whomever we feel most connected to in our own divine power, or the Universe in general. 

Include many positive affirmations in your letter (or letters) in order to reinforce your wishes and desires. Specifically write down everything you truly wish to manifest in your life, including your emotional, physical and spiritual wishes. The most rewarding life is to have a balance of these three aspects.

Ensure that your affirmations are positive, productive and life-enhancing. Remain clear and focused when repeating affirmations in order to manifest your desires into reality.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

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