Jul 30, 2010

Spiritual and Native American Animal Symbology


Aardvarks: Prolonging life (healing within)

Ant: Patience

Antelope: Grace of readiness, taking action

Armadillo: Keeping the feelings of others and troubles (reflected) boundaries

Ass: Time to move forward and not rest on your laurels


Badger: Taking charge aggressively, showing competence in difficult situations

Bandicoot: Finding inner strength and faith to attain inner harmony

Bat: Rebirth through darkness

Bear: Reflection and introspection

Beaver: Keeping busy and productive

Bee: Reproducing the good things in life, sharing the abundance of life, organisation

Beetle: Regeneration

Bilby: Releasing fears of the unknown

Birch: Discovering truth

Bison: Manifesting abundance

Blackbird: New understanding of life

Bluebird: Opportunities, happiness and confidence

Blue Jay: Using intuition to speak the truth

Bobcat: Reconnecting with inner self and accepting one's own company

Bowerbird: Dissecting situations to take a closer look

Brolga: Over analysing, being too critical of the self

Buffalo: Prayers being answered, being of assistance

Bull: Releasing excuses to cultivating productive ideas, ideal and plans

Butterfly: Making a transformation, being reborn


Canary: Using the power of the voice

Camel: Conservative and proper use of resources

Cardinal: Recognising the importance of your life and the role you play within it

Cassowary: To walk the walk and talk the talk

Cat: Enhancing independence, wisdom, magic and psychic connections

Catbird: Ability to communicate, new people being introduced into your life

Cheetah: Accomplishing tasks with speed and agility

Chickadee: Healing through truth

Chicken: Fertility

Chipmunk: Respect the smallest parts of nature through inter-relationship and equality

Cock: Optimism, resurrection and rebirth

Cockatoo: Taking pride in all your own attributes

Condor: Life, unity and equality for eternity

Cougar: Learning by trial and error, initiating what has been learnt and putting it to use

Coyote: The trickster, reconnecting with the inner child

Crane: Manifesting creativity and focus on life's significance

Crocodile: Digesting and assimilating truth

Crow: Divine law – wisdom, discernment, destroying deception

Cuckoo: Going with the flow of life, Intuitiveness


Deer: Tenderness and sensitivity, reconnecting with the innocence of life

Dingo: Be cautious before acting, uncovering the truth

Dog: Serving humankind with loyalty

Dolphin: Breath deep to tap energy, life force

Donkey: Shouldering the load of responsibility

Dove: Peace, feminine energies, letting go of the past

Dragonfly: Breaking through illusions of the tangible world

Duck: Finding comfort through understanding your own emotions


Eagle: Rediscovery, having foresight, flying above situations to get a better view

Echidna: Initiating changes and embracing new things

Eel: Conductor of love

Elephant: Old age wisdom, being of assistance to other

Elk: Stamina and persistence

Emu: Nuturing, being of assistance, unification


Falcon: Communication, receiving inner guidance through messages

Feather: Messenger of Spirit

Ferret: Answers by using deductions and reason

Finch: A busy time with new people and experiences

Fish: A need to stay focused yet going with the flow of life

Flamingo: Opening human heart

Fox: Learning to blend in, charm and charisma

Frog: Cleanse, refresh and replenish


Gazelle: Sure footedness

Giraffe: Far sightedness, seeing the forest through the trees

Goanna: Assessing situations, being observant

Goat: Starting new ventures and initiating changes

Goose: Breaking free of family restraints and conditioning

Gorillas: Communication and teaching through actions

Grasshopper: Taking a leap forward, bounding towards achieving goals or solutions

Groundhog: Exploring altered states, going within

Grouse: Dancing to a new beat in life

Gulls: Understanding what is and is not being communicated


Hawke: Communicating through visions, psychic powers

Hen: Tend to plans and ideas that need to be hatched

Heron: Listening to your wisdom and own inner self

Horse: The proper use of gifts, talents and abilities, will, endurance, authority and talent in proper manner without abuse or misuse

Hummingbird: Knower of loving all things is to love reflection


Iguana: Taking the time to understand situations, being patient


Jaguar: Secular and spiritual leadership potential


Kangaroo: To give unselfishly, nurture maternally

Kestrel: Patience is the key to attainment

Kingfisher: Peace and prosperity through new life experiences

Koala: Being supportive, looking to build on solid foundations of trust, love, sharing and nurturing


Leopard: Understanding the patterns that lead to self mastery

Lion: Taking pride in your life and achievements

Lizard: Dreaming solutions and envisioning

Llama: Nurturing and being of assistance

Lynx: Share when asked for wisdom (secret knower of)

Lyrebird: Being accepting of oneself, trust in your individuality and self expression


Magpie: Talent for relieving pain of others

Mammoth: Remembering

Mockingbird: Recalling and repeating all that is heard

Mole: Seeing the dark travel under earth, looking for what is buried beneath

Monkey: Relocation, embracing change

Moose: Self esteem, becoming more self aware

Moth: Bring intangible of spirit into tangible world

Mountain Lion: Leading through example

Mountain Ram: Tenacity and willingness to meet challenges head on

Mouse: Pay attention to detail – one task at a time



Octopus: envelop in love, able to undertake more than one thing at a time

Opossum: planning and strategy

Osprey: Breaking and setting of bones

Ostrich: How to interact through communication

Otter: Being young at heart, innocence, joy and delight

Owl: Being able to hear and see all that is hidden


Parrot: Understanding others more efficiently, healing through colours

Panther: Leaping fearlessly into the void of the unknown

Peacock: A need for stable foundations, wisdom and vision

Pelican: Overcoming the emotional ties, learning to let go

Penguin: Awakening of dreams, spiritual connections and dimensions

Pheasant: A strong connection with family, children, fertility

Pig: Intellect and reasoning ability

Pigeon: Returning to a place that symbolises feeling at home, messages

Platypus: solitude and self discovery

Porcupine: Faith and innocence

Possum: Staying focused on goals

Prairie Dog: Reconnecting with family, life and community, becoming more social

Praying Mantis: A need to wait patiently before moving into new situations or directions


Quail: Being observant to all that is around whilst moving ahead without doubt

Quetzal: Totally free, uninhibited spirit who is willing to express all aspects of the self

Quoll: Being courageous, finding inner strength


Rabbit: Not to listen to unrealistic fears

Raccoon: Protector of the under-dog, weak, frail and elderly

Ram: Learn to trust that your decisions and choices are the right ones

Rat: Through persistence and sensibility success will be achieved

Raven: Keeper of magic, who sort the void of the unknown to effect change

Rhinoceros: Trusting in your own inner wisdom

Robin: Being creative with life and opening new doors, walking your walk and talking your talk

Rosella: Tapping the inner resources to bring forth sustenance and growth


Seal: Riding waves of emotions and feelings to discover one's self

Skunk: Reputation and ability to attract or repel what you need in life

Snake: Transmutation, Transformation

Snowy Owl: Eliminating lies and deception

Sparrow: Believing in the power of inner strength and self worth to undertake any situation or problem

Squirrel: Gathering energy and saving a little extra for lean times

Spider: Desire to create, deciding to create, taking actions

Starling: It is alright to be yourself, be a leader not a follower

Stork: Easy labour, giving birth

Sugar Glider: Listening to your inner guidance, guides and spirits

Swallow: Letting go of old limiting feelings or habits

Swan: Surrender to the flow

Swift: Taking responsibility for actions


Tasmanian Devil: Feeling defensive about what is significant to your needs or wants

Tiger: Awakening the passion for life, reclaiming your power

Toucan: Warning system in jungle (trouble, danger)

Turkey: Release and give away Turtle Dove: Nurture dreams of peace



Vulture: Waste not want not


Walrus: Altering actions and feelings in order to interact with the changes life offers

Whale: Remembering talents and using them

Weasel: guile, stealth, ingenuity and observing the obvious

Wolf: Ability to create new paths for learning teaching

Wombat: Perseverance and persistence

Woodpecker: Strongest protection against shadow and evil

Wren: A need to look at the big picture and not be so concerned about the little things




Zebra: Nothing final or absolute, all not as it seems.


ANIMAL                                        MESSAGE

Crow/Raven                                     portent

Bluebird                                           happiness

Chickadee                                        optimism

Cardinal/Red Bird                              beauty

Quail                                                family

Bat                                                   macabre

Hummingbird                                     joy

Robin                                                balance

Meadowlark                                      protection/protective

Hawk                                               opportunity

Owl                                                 diviner/divination

Blue jay                                             pushy

Peacock                                            ostentatious

Wild Pheasant/Wild Turkey                 quick

Sparrows                                           ordinary

Mockingbird                                      initiative

Magpie                                              knowledge

Roadrunner                                        traveller

Pigeon on the ground                          inertia

Pigeon in the air                                 mission

Chicken                                            foolish

Turkey                                              forgetful

Parrot                                                playful

Heron                                                spiritual

Lark                                                  weather

Pelican                                               saver

Eagle                                                  highest power

Canary                                                joy

Snow Goose                                       fidelity

Domestic Goose                                  quarrelsome

Wild Duck                                          adventure

Flamingo                                             grace

Red-headed Woodpecker                      resourceful
Ostrich                                               stubborn

Dog                                                    loyalty

Cat                                                     independence

Goat                                                   friendly

Bighorn Sheep                                    conqueror

Domestic Sheep                                  follower

Cow                                                  docile

Wild Horse                                         freedom

Race Horse                                        high strung

Work Horse                                       plodding

Pig                                                    intelligence

Bull/Stallion                                       sexual energy

Buffalo                                              strength

Rabbit                                               gentle

Skunk                                               defended

Porcupine                                         protection

Raccoon                                           enterprising

Possum                                            avoidance

Otter                                                playful

Badger                                              aggressive

Armadillo                                         defence

Beaver                                             accomplishment

Squirrel                                            resourceful

Turtle/Tortoise                                 old wisdom

Llama                                              practical

Camel                                             ornery

Donkey                                           helpful

Mule                                               stubborn

Elephant                                          old memory

Elk                                                 brave

Moose                                            pride

Antelope                                         action

Lynx                                              psychic

Deer                                               loveliness

Bear                                               strength

Mountain Lion/Cougar                   leader

Coyote                                         cunning

Fox                                              wily/sly

Wolf                                            organizer

Snake                                          challenger

Lizard/Toad                                 wisdom

Frog                                            sorcery

Chameleon                                   adaptable

Cricket                                         disharmony

Cockroach                                   lowest

Fly                                               parasite

Butterfly                                       friendly

Spider                                          deceit

Beetle                                          hidden knowledge

Mole                                           lack of foresight

Rat                                             survival

Mouse                                        busy

Whale                                         Universal mind

Dolphin/Porpoise                        teachers

Shark                                         killer

Sturgeon                                   dominant

Sea Gull                                    freedom


Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes



* INDEX of all ANGEL NUMBERS (Repeating Number Sequences)

Part of working out what your Angel Number or repetitive number sequence messages may mean has to do with your own intuition and higher wisdom. If a meaning and/or message resonates with your soul you will instinctively KNOW it. If it definitely does not, you will know that also.

Angel Numbers can appear in any sequence and often present as mixed numbers such as 4284, 1063, 5839, 1386 etc. The combinations are endless. These numbers can be looked at in a few different ways. Often the total of the number sequence is the key to your message/s. For example, a sequence of 1210 can be viewed as 1+2+1+0 = 4. In this instance the number 4 is the vibration of your angels’ message.

The numbers can also be looked at as individual entities, each carrying it’s own unique vibration, message and meaning. In the above example, the numbers 1, 2, and 0 can be looked at individually with each separate number denoting a particular message or direction. (When a 0 appears it amplifies and magnifies the energies and vibrations of the number/s it appears with)

This is also most common with numbers that run in sequence, for example 1234. You can view the combination as 1+2+3+4 = 10 / 1 … with your main messages being conducive to the energies of the number 1, or you can look at the numbers as individual entities, with each one representing it’s own individual traits and attributes. This combination can also be viewed as ‘steps’ as the numbers run concurrently, indicating the progression or phases you have worked through (or with) throughout your life to date. In theory, you will have completed 1,2, 3 and 4, and are currently heading towards the number 5, which is to do with freedom and personal expression. When numbers run concurrently it is often an indicator of a person’s life path or phases.

When deciphering your Angel Number messages and meanings, look to all the numbers individually as well as as a total. And trust your own intuition – always.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes