Feb 14, 2010

Natural Intuition & Instincts of Pets & Animals

Wild creatures have an amazing homing instinct; for example, it is well-known that salmon and trout are able to find their way hundreds or even thousands of miles to their original spawning place, and there are countless stories of wartime carrier pigeons taking messages back to base through enemy fire, even when injured.

With a pet, the telepathic bond is tuned in to its owner, and it operates over great distances, regardless of whether or not the pet has been to the place where the owner is.

Animals have Foresight
Animals sometimes seem to be aware of events before they happen. This may be because (unlike humans) their minds are not limited to linear time, or it may be because they are so sensitive that they are able to pick up early warning signals of danger on their ‘automatic radar’ before human radar can tune in. An animal’s sight, sense and hearing are certainly more acute than a human’s but this does not fully explain how a pet can anticipate danger to the owner, sometimes hours or even days before it occurs.

Like humans who have premonitions that often involve a close relative or friend, pets often change established behaviour patterns for no apparent reason, and have saved their owner’s life as a result.

The unprompted howling of dogs without reason is almost worldwide, and has been considered a warning to humans throughout the ages. Animals spontaneously leaving an area en masse has often been a foreboding warning to humans, such as in times of earthquakes, volcanic activity and tsunamis, for example. It has often been documented that not only pets, but wild animals such as monkeys, birds and elephants, instinctively leave an area prior to a natural disaster taking place.

These animal warnings can occur up to a week or more before an earthquake, though they are most dramatic during the 24 hours before disaster strikes. Animals and birds are so in tune with the earth that they can alert us to all kinds of changes, from adverse weather conditions to volcanic eruptions and tidal waves.

Everyday Warnings from Pets
Most warnings from animals and birds are not of the life and death kind, but they can alert us to dangers we would prefer to avoid.

For example:
- If you are buying a new dwelling of any kind, and there are no birds flying around outside, be aware that there is something ‘wrong’ with the place.

- If possible, introduce your pet briefly to a new home before making the final decision. If the animal refuses to enter the house or go into certain rooms, find out as much history as you can about the house and property prior to purchase. When animals are uncomfortable with the energies, there is a good reason.

- If a normally friendly pet takes an instant dislike to a stranger or new acquaintance, be wary not to leave the person alone in your home, or for that matter, be alone with them yourself. It is a clear indication that all is not well.

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Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

Healing Negative Energies

Negative energy can be caused by many factors including ourselves, the people around us, electrical equipment, misaligned earth energies, ‘black’ magic and the presence of spirits.

The premise behind clearing negative energy; whether it comes from natural sources or is created by humanity’s thoughtlessness, or by our own fears and anxieties; is to ensure that you are not only positive and uplifted yourself, but your surroundings are also light and free from negative influences and energies.

Whatever the cause of the negative energy, there are ways to counterbalance and minimize the effects.

Humanity has managed to survive and adapt to many changes in the environment - from drastic climactic alterations to changing food sources, and we have overcome a variety of challenges to our well-being, from plagues to physical oppression.

In today’s world we deal with the problems of old as well as new ones such as electromagnetic stress and microwave emissions from mobile phones and the like. We are able to surmount these new challenges and bring ourselves into a positive, peaceful, harmonious and ‘light’ state. We are able to do this by using the power of our minds, our determination to overcome any threats to our well-being and our intention to enjoy a happy and healthy existence.

As we work on making ourselves positive, healthy and uplifted, so the effects of this personal healing will have a far-reaching and wider effect.

We influence our environment by the way we behave, what we think and believe and our general attitude. We are able to make a difference by having a positive attitude to our lives and by keeping our environment clean and healing it with our positive ‘light’.

We are able to replace the negative energies and darkness in our lives with positivity and light.

If we all play our part in healing the negative energies around us our world will be a lighter and brighter place and love and peace will be able to prevail.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


Natural Therapy for Pets - Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) was a British medical consultant, homeopath and bacteriologist who developed a natural medicine based upon plant and flower essences. These flower essences


Agrimony is excellent for dogs that act as guides or assistants, animals in the rescue services where they may become exhausted or stressed, but show no outward signs.

Agrimony is helpful for any creatures with skin irritations and those out of their natural habitat that find it hard to settle.

Agrimony is also excellent for horses.


The Aspen essence calms very highly-strung creatures of all kinds and pets during storms. Aspen relieves pets that are anxious in new surroundings (eg. after a house move).

Aspen is useful for animals and birds that find it hard to sleep or rest.


Beech is effective to use for snappy, irritable creatures that are unreliable with children and other animals, especially young ones.

Beech is great for horses that are unfriendly to new or novice riders and/or handlers.

Beech is good to use to cure the constant yappers, yowlers, howlers and screechers of the bird and animal kingdom.

Beech is good for stabilizing an animal or birds appetite.


Centaury is used to ease anxieties in troubled or bullied animals, and for all creatures that spend a lot of their time confined (eg. a stabled horse or caged bird)

Centaury prevents pets from becoming over-sensitive to their owner’s moods. It is also beneficial for the pregnant and/or nursing female animals, and gives strength during a long labour.

Centaury assists animals during a long illness, and is excellent for a creature who has given up his will to fight for itself.


Cerato is effective for all animals that need to be trained (or re-trained), whether for obedience, show purposes, birds of prey in controlled flight or for those animals that work to assist humans.

Cerato helps an animal to remain loyal to its owner/s, and if sprinkled around entrances, it prevents animals from straying or becoming lost.

Cerato is good for cats that do not have a well-developed homing instincts.


Cherry Plum is an excellent remedy for highly-strung or temperamental animals, notably horses that bite, kick or panic in traffic. Cherry Plum reduces sensitivity to loud noises or traffic.

Cherry Plum minimizes destructive behaviour with indoor creatures, such as feather-plucking, chewing and scratching on furniture.

Cherry Plum is excellent to give to male animals when breeding to stop aggressive behaviour and females on heat to prevent them from rejecting a mate.


Chestnut Bud is an essence to use for re-training if bad habits develop in a pet. It teaches animals physical boundaries (eg. dogs to return when called). It is also useful for establishing emotional boundaries, such as not attacking other animals or jumping up on people.

Chestnut Bud essence makes a large, clumsy animal more aware of obstacles, especially in confined spaces.


Chicory is soothing for over-possessive animals that constantly demand attention, and reduces jealousy of other family members.

Chicory also helps when an animal insists on sleeping with owners, and for constant barking, howling or screeching when owners go out or away.


Crab Apple is useful for animals that become obsessive about food or cleaning and/or preening themselves. It is also helpful for removing the pollutants and noise that can adversely affect creatures in the modern world.

Crab Apple is excellent for rescue animals to help them relax.


Holly is useful for reducing jealousy and/or resentment of new family members, whether it be another animal, a partner or new baby.

Holly makes irritable, aggressive creatures more tolerant of others.


The Honeysuckle essence is very helpful for an animal that has lost its mate, or if a family member has gone away permanently or has died.

Sprinkle diluted Honeysuckle essence around the bed of a young animal that has been newly separated from its mother and/or siblings.


Impatiens is a good remedy for creatures that become easily irritated by other animals. It is effective for reducing confrontations in aviaries or in shared, small animal enclosures.

Impatiens makes animals more receptive to training, especially in communal obedience classes.

Impatiens is excellent for assistance animals if they show signs of overwork.


Mimulus helps animals to overcome fears of specific noises or places.

Mimulus is helpful for small animals that have been roughly handled by children or a previous owner.

Mimulus is good for horses who are easily startled.


Oak is an excellent essence to induce patience in a creature that is temporarily immobilized because of an illness or injury.

Oak assists large animals (especially horses) to pace themselves.

Oak is also known to strengthen ‘helper’ animals, such as guide and rescue dogs.


Olive essence is used to aid recovery in an animal worn out by a long illness or treatment, or one that accidentally strayed and had to fend for itself.

Olive is also useful for animals that have lost a mate, or suffered a family break up or loss.


Rock Rose is the essence to use for all very small or timid creatures. Rock Rose will help accustom them to being handled by humans.

It is soothing for any highly-strung animals, or when a bird or pet has been injured or frightened.


Star of Bethlehem is an essence of ‘reassurance’. If you must leave a pet for an extended amount of time (eg, holiday or business trip), Star of Bethlehem should be sprayed around the home 24 to 48 hours prior to departure.

Star of Bethlehem can be given to a pet or bid that needs to stay overnight away from its owner (eg. vets, boarding kennel, cattery etc). Star of Bethlehem is the essence to use after a house move, as it helps a pet to settle in.


Sweet Chestnut is effective to use for pets who become withdrawn or depressed. Sweet Chestnut also restores a lost appetite and enthusiasm. It is excellent for any abused or neglected animals and helps to allow trust to grow (or re-grow).


The Vervain essence soothes hyperactive and restless animals, especially those subject to a great deal of stress. Vervain also slows down pets that are constantly jumping up and demanding human attention.


Walnut is known as the remedy of ‘change’. It is useful for animals and birds (and humans) as it assists in acceptance of change in the environment or the people around the animal.

Walnut is also good for re-training and breaking bad habits.

    Bach Flower Remedies are safe and effective option when healing and/or balancing is needed.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

Picking The Perfect Pet

Sometimes the reasons for choosing a particular pet are obvious, whilst at other times it may be weeks or months later that we realize we could have picked no other animal.

One common sign that a particular animal is intended to live with us is when a young animal shares their birthday of a former pet or was born on the day or anniversary when a beloved animal companion died. Instinctively, some owners feel that their new pet has been guided to them – not as a replacement for the lost animal, as each animal is unique – but as consolation and as a way of overcoming grief.

Modern science is becoming increasingly aware that everything is made up of connected particles of constantly moving energy. Some researchers believe that humans and animals emit particular frequencies of energies. These energy fields are more compatible with some people and animals than with others. This would explain how particular animals seem to tune-in to us emotionally, and how animals and humans are drawn together by what sometimes seems to be pure coincidence, but is actually a kind of intuitive radar.

There certainly seems to be an intangible chemistry between humans and animals that brings together particular pets and their owners, sometimes in the most unlikely of ways.

The Use of Pendulums in Finding a New Pet

Pendulums are one of the few psychic methods trusted by science and industry and have had spectacular success in finding water and oil for many years. Latterly, they have been used in war situations for locating enemy submarines and landmines, sometimes using only a map.

A pendulum is simply a weight on a chain. It can be made from crystal, metal or wood, or can even be a favourite pendant. It is a useful divination tool for all forms of decision making.

A pendulum operates by psychokinesis: your hand is guided by your unconscious mind to move the pendulum towards the correct choice, from a selection of possibilities.

We rarely recognize or trust the ‘automatic radar’ that operates in our subconscious mind – but when we use a pendulum it gives us an external and tangible expression of our ‘automatic radar’.

Deep within our intuition we have all kinds of buried, useful information, and pets are remarkably efficient at loosening our intuitive inhibitions. A pendulum held over a written list of possible locations will reflect our hidden psychic awareness of where we will find the new pet. The pendulum responds by a tugging, downward movement or a sudden heaviness over one choice on the list.

Dreaming About Animals

Sometimes we may receive a signal that a particular animal is intended for us through a dream. It is the ‘automatic radar’ in our subconscious mind alerting us that a specific kind of animal or even one individual creature is right for us, even if our conscious choice would be different.

Pet owners tend to be especially alert to this form of guidance because they are sensitive to their own intuitive processes, and therefore, are tuned-in to the needs of animals - even those they may not have met yet.

Sometimes our conscious minds can create all kinds of practical obstacles, but the subconscious mind will guide us effortlessly to make the right decisions – if we allow it to do so.


You may wish to establish, in advance, a psychic and emotional connection between yourself and your future pet so that mutual recognition is instantaneous. If this is the case, you could try visualization – an effective psychological method of focusing on what you want.

The power of the mind is far greater than we realize and we can make a telepathic connection with an animal that is on our emotional wavelength, through visualization. We can create a space in our mind in which we can visualize or imagine our future pet. This works because animals that are seeking owners are so open that they transmit intuitive vibes of love into the cosmos and our own ‘radar’ picks these up unconsciously.

Even if you find it hard to accept the idea of innate psychic powers, by allowing your mind to form the picture of the pet you can open your conscious mind to alternatives that might actually suit you better than the choice made by your conscious mind. If you find an entirely different creature appearing in your visualization (or daydreams) it may be a way of alerting you to an affinity you have with a particular animal that you had not recognized.

Some people believe that you can draw the right animal closer to you through an innate psychic power call ‘psychokinesis’ – the same power that lies behind pendulum work. This is the ability of the mind to draw compatible people or animals and circumstances into your life.

Choosing the Right Name

Often it is difficult to choose a name in advance as animal personalities differ, just as humans do. Anything can prompt a name once your animal has arrived, such as a colour or personality trait. Often you or a family member may speak an unplanned name when you first see an animal, and in that split second you will know it could not have been anything else.

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Pet and Animal Communication

Many pet owners believe that if we talk to our animals they will reply telepathically and our minds can interpret their feelings as words. A number of successful pet/animal Healers around the world use this method to diagnose how an animal is feeling or what is wrong with him/her, and found it especially useful for diagnosing stress-related illnesses.

One explanation for this ability to interpret animal thoughts as ‘words’ could be that the aura of the animal and the owner temporarily merge, so the two minds become as one.


Humans and animals seem to have unique and constant patterns of energy that intermingle and interact with those of other people and animals. It may be that we are attracted to people and pets whose energy patterns are similar to our own, or in some way compliment our own emotional vibration. This unseen and intangible connection may partially explain why we are drawn to choose an animal to be our pet that we had not originally planned on, and why we can be attracted by the adoring eyes of a physically ‘unlovely’ creature.

The name given to this energy field is the ‘Aura’. Intuitive people may describe this aura in terms of bands of colour. These colours can be matched against traditional colour meanings collected from the spiritual and magical writings of different cultures and ages, and seem to be very accurate in describing the personality and mood of a person or animal around whom they are detected. The colours are sometimes seen in the mind’s eye, or to some people they appear as an external halo that is especially visible around the creature or person’s head.

Seeing An Aura

Every atom, particle and cell of all living things on this planet are surrounded by an energy field known as the ‘Aura’. The aura has a series of layers and ‘meridians’ which are channels which convey energy around the body.

The hardest part about seeing an aura is learning to trust your intuitive or psychic vision. Even if you are not aware of seeing actual colours, the process does make you more able to anticipate and ‘feel’ moods and temperaments of pet and people around you. The exercise of looking for the aura opens your intuitive channels.

An animal’s aura generally extends from about 6 to 10 centimetres around the body. This depends upon the spirituality of the animal, rather than its size. As the animal’s body moves, the aura follows the line of the body. At times of excitement or intense protectiveness towards an owner the aura expands and the colours may become momentarily vibrant. When an animal is totally in-tune with it’s owner, the auras of both pet and owner merge at the edges.

Create a time of stillness when you sit by your pet and share a communal quiet space in which communication through ‘aura merging’ can take place. Evenings when the house is quiet is a perfect time, but make sure there are no outside distractions. If you are working with a horse, twilight makes for a good time, when your horse is resting. In this case, make physical contact by touching the horse lightly as you work.

1. Face the animal/pet.

2. Begin with a simple message of love spoken out loud, softly and repetitively, over and over for a minute or so.

3. Let the words get softer until they become a whisper and then fade off into silence.

4. Wait for about a minute or so then repeat the message. Repeat this step 3 or 4 times.

5. As you speak, visualize the animal’s aura moving closer to you so that similar colours from your aura and the animal’s flow in both directions and enclose both of you in a swirling mist or haze. This is usually pink, green, purple and blue. If you find it hard to picture the colours, use a fibre-optic lamp to simulate the experience until your own psyche takes over.

6. After the third or fourth time you may feel a stirring in your mind as though light waves or a ripple of energy is moving between you and your pet, in bands of green and/or pink lights.

You will be communicating heart to heart and mind to mind.

7. Let the colours fade and separate. Repeat the experience a day or so later. Next time you may hear words in the silence. These would be the animal’s thoughts translated by your unconscious mind, into what is often a soft, low voice - or you may receive one or two distinct images straight from the animal’s mind.

8. You can use this method to ask your pet about their wellbeing, to send healing or to receive information about any aspect of the pet’s feelings. You are also able to share your own feelings and thoughts. If your pet has a message for you, he or she might sit silently and still, looking at you expectantly.

9. Take any warnings or advice seriously because animal instincts are so much more evolved psychically and in-tune with unseen influences moreso than our own.

As you become more practiced you will only need to look at your pet through half-closed eyes to see the aura colours merging.

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Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

Healing Addictions

Addictions are a result of giving away our personal power and addictions of all kinds go hand in hand with negative feelings, situations, aspects and thought-patterns within ourselves, and can be the result of a lack of self-respect and low self-esteem.

Addictions can be destructive for all concerned … the ‘addict’ and family, friends and those close.

The substance of addiction - be it alcohol, caffeine, sugar, chocolate, illicit or prescription drugs etc may be potentially harmful in the long-term and/or large doses.

The addiction is a sign of inner weakness and lack of fortitude. The fact that the addict believes they can’t live without it indicates a lack of personal control.

The long-term results of an addiction can become a negative thought-form or pattern as the brain keeps sending out the ‘demand and need’ messages and signals, and these become the main focus and driving force of the addict.

Below are some suggestions to help beat an addiction and break a negative habit.

• Focus on your intention.

• Be clear about your reasoning for giving up the addiction/habit. eg. health concerns, vanity reasons, relationships, sociability, mental and/or physical state etc.

• Think about and concentrate on something you intensely dislike, that you can imagine and visualize next to your habit or addiction (eg cigarettes or chocolate) to put you off.

• Set a realistic date.

• Plan to make a definite decrease of your consumption day by day, marking the days off as you make positive progress.

• Avoid ‘trigger’ foods, situations or activities that you would usually associate with your habit or addiction.

• Avoid temptation.

Once you are aware of the effect of your thoughts you are able to control them and use them to their best and most positive effect and benefit. We are able to consciously make ourselves (and others) more positive and light just by using our positive intentions and thoughts.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

Feb 10, 2010


The word ‘angel’ is derived from the ancient Greek ‘angelos’, meaning ‘messenger’. Angels act as a bridge, serving as a channel between the spiritual realm and the material, physical world.

People perceive angels in many different ways; the most profound encounters are as physical manifestations. Fascination with angels grows daily. Ordinary, everyday people all over the world opening talk about how angels have helped them, and stories of angelic intervention are becoming more frequent.

As people become consciously aware of angels, the veil between our world and theirs becomes thinner. Angels wish for and seek contact and communication with you on a daily basis. You don’t need to be clairvoyant or psychic to experience angelic contact - just open and receptive.

Angels are among us now more than ever with increasing numbers of people reporting encounters, healing remedies, lifesaving measures an timely messages. The angels know that it is time for us to heal ourselves, our lives and our world. The angels are helping us heal the challenges and ills that keep us from living at our highest potential.

Angels are a bridge into the heavenly realms. Angels convey a world beyond our normal sight which is around us and within us all.

Angelic contact varies greatly from person to person and in many different forms. Some people see angels in human-like form complete with wings, whilst others are able to see angels with their mind’s eye. Some people see coloured swirling lights, and others encounter angels through their dreams or during meditation. Other people are able to feel angelic wings encircling and enfolding them and others encounter angels by being surrounded by a beautiful energy signature.

Angels can be perceived by any and all of the human senses. Some ways in which you may become aware of the presence of angels include:

* The atmosphere and energy of a room or area suddenly changes. You may feel surrounded by a warm glow or sensation. You may feel a rush of energy down your spine, then spread throughout your body. You may feel or sense the air around you tingling or ‘sparking’.

* The room or area suddenly fills with a beautiful fragrance or sweet perfume.

* You may experience a particular sweet taste.

* An ethereal sound or angelic music may be heard, often associated with healing.

* You are overcome with feelings of love, appreciation, gratitude and joy.

* Twinkling silver or colour lights may appear around you momentarily. This ma be in the form of sparkles or tiny flashes of bright light, shafts of brilliant dazzling light and/or spheres of colour around you.

* You may feel the sensation of angels wings gently brushing against you or enfolding you. You may even sense or feel angelic hands touching you on your shoulders or clasping your hand.

* A gentle breeze from nowhere me pick up and play with your hair.

* You may become more aware of an increase in ‘coincidences’ that occur in your life and your problems may seem to find their own solutions - sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

There are many other ways in which angels give us signs that they are present in our lives. Some of these include:

* Clouds

Angels sometimes appear in cloud formations, particularly over sacred sites or when you have asked for angelic assistance. Clouds will also sometimes appear as feathers.

* Feathers

White feathers can appear in the most unlikely of places. These are little angel signs. When one presents for you, take it as a signal from the angels that they are with you.

* Flowers

Flowers offer us the essence of spirit and bring us joy on many levels.

* Words

Words are very powerful. Often after you have asked for angelic assistance you may hear the word ‘angel’ mentioned on the TV or radio, or someone will say the word in an unlikely context. You may then also hear your ‘solution’ or words of guidance then aswell.

* Crystals

‘Angelic crystals’ are Celestine, Seraphinite and Danburite and Clear Quartz. Angels are said to be able to suddenly appear in these crystals after you have started reaching out to the angelic realm.

We all have access to angels. These powerful spiritual helpers are beings of light who have never been in a physical body, differing from spirit guides who have experienced human life on the earth plane.

When you open your heart to the angels your life can be filled with wonder, love and miraculous joy. We know that we are achieving true angelic communication when we can acknowledge that we no longer feel ‘alone’. Protection, guidance, support and nurturing are there in abundance for us and is actively flowing in our direction influencing and improving all areas of our lives.

Working with angels most often challenges our outworn patterns and belief systems, shaking us out of our comfort zones. It takes courage to open the doors to healing. At times, the most beneficial life changes can be challenging.

An infinite number of angels are available to assist us at any given time. We also have one or more ‘guardian angels’ (or spirit guides) who are with us from birth and throughout our lives. These angels offer us their wisdom, help and advice, but never interfere with our freewill.

Angels are obedient to Cosmic and/or Universal Laws. According to the Spiritual Law of Free Will, angels are unable to intervene or help us unless we specifically ask. The only exception to this rule of free-will is if we are in mortal danger of dying before our time. That is the only time angels are able to intervene un-asked.

The angels are here to help us heal from issues and challenges that are seemingly mundane, to those that seem important and urgent, or spiritually profound. There are no limits to the angel’s healing powers. They can help us heal our relationships, career concerns, finances, housing or accommodation issues and any other challenge we may face in our lives.

One of the angel’s healing tasks is to help us lift our vibrational frequency.

There is a perfect solution for every problem. The answers lie in the Higher dimensions – and often our human-self cannot access them. In order to find the solution, we have to hand the situation over to the angels, then listen to and act on the prompting of our intuition. The angels ask that we turn to them and ask for help with the smallest and largest of our problems. There is always a solution and the angels love to provide it for us in many and varied ways, whichever is most appropriate.

When we call upon angelic aid, we must do so from a place within ourselves of love, trust, humility and clarity. As long as your requests are positive and does not interfere with your own life’s plan, the angels are able to answer your call and give you appropriate, loving help and guidance.

For the angels to heal your situation, you must completely release it and let it go. This allows the angels to deal with it and heal it. We need to trust that the infinite wisdom of the Universe will come up with the best solution possible.

After releasing the problem or situation to the angels, you may be prompted to take some human steps to help resolve the situation. The instructions will come to you intuitively, either in a dream, as a voice or a ‘knowingness’. These directions are the answers to your prayers and you are to take ‘right action’, whatever that may entail, to resolve your challenging situations.

No situation is too big or too small for the angels to resolve it for you. There is no task that angels cannot help us with. Angels are completely dedicated to helping humanity spirituality as well as in practical ways.

Keeping in contact with angels helps to attune the mind and heart to your higher-self.

You can ask to be surrounded by as many angels as you like, and it is advisable to ask the angels to surround your loved ones - children, partner, family, friends and associates. You are also able to ask the angels to direct their energies and blessings towards others all over the earthplane.

You do not need a specific ritual, ceremony or invocation … you simply need to ask with sincerity and with the highest intentions in mind and heart.

The guidance you receive from angels will help you abundantly, no matter what you believe about how the Universe works or not. Whether you see angelic guidance as an opportunity to change a bad habit or negative attitude, or whether you see it as ‘repayment’ of a ‘karmic debt’ - you are going to be helped by it.

When you consciously engage angels in with heartfelt intentions, asking for their help and support, amazing things are guaranteed to happen. You will be helped in unexpected ways by unforeseen and unexpected sources.

Nothing happens without a reason. We are always given what we need. We are never given more than we can handle.

Just accept the gifts when they start to come … just say yes and accept them for what they are. It’s a matter of trusting and following guidance that you may hear most clearly as an inner voice or experience simply as a nonverbal, psychic and/or intuitive urging.

Right actions are the real agents of positive change and by always relying on our angel’s guidance to pursue whatever the next ‘right action’ maybe - and helps us to gain a deeper appreciation of the larger ‘karmic’ purpose of the paths we want and are encouraged to take.

All we ever need do is trust that guidance will come - then trust in it when it comes. We simply need to listen to the answers we receive, then take the actions that those answers imply.

Angels are wonderful healers as their essence is of pure love. Angel view s through the ‘true-self’ world, which only knows perfection.

Angels afford us a means of spiritual communication that we can access in no other way. They are messengers. Their single focus is to help us grow and thrive materially and spiritually.

To transmit their messages to us, angels will use any means or form to maximize the effectiveness of their message. They may take the form of humans, they may communicate to us through a song lyric or tune, they can send us a familiar scent, whisper suggestions, show us repeating number sequences (or Angel Numbers) or show us an image. They want to convey precisely what they know you will take notice of and understand best … in whatever form that may take. Your angel will make sure you ‘get the message’.

The angels support us and are empathic to people who feel that they are on the wrong career path. The angels know of our natural and innate talents and abilities, and wish for us to work in professions that helps others and incorporates our natural interests.

We each have a life purpose which is like an assignment we need to fulfill during our lifetime. The ‘life purpose’ enmeshes with our natural talents and interests, and we have enough time, intelligence, creativity, money and other resources to fulfill this task completely.

Our angels tell us that there are infinite ways for a dream or vision to be made reality. When we let go of our fear-based limited expectations that our dreams have the best chance of manifesting. The angels ask us to release the human doubts that say ‘it can’t happen’ and/or ‘cannot be possible because it is illogical and/or impossible’. The angels are able to rise above human logic to an elevation where all things are possible. The angels ask us to release all fear and doubts so that they can bring about our desires, no matter how unlikely or illogical they may seem.

‘Vision’ is far wider and deeper than just a simple ‘visualizations’ exercise. We are able to connect to a clearer picture, of what you want in life, and of who you are.

Wisdom’ isn’t a passive state of looking ‘wisely’ upon human affairs from a distance - wisdom suggests a plan of ‘right action’ and practical insight.

‘Strength’ is the spiritual stamina to continue on your path. It is not exertive power over circumstances. Strength is the infinite energy that runs through all things and is always accessible and available to us. All you have to do is ask for guidance, trust in the response, be courageous in taking the ‘right actions’, and enjoy your journey.

The angels live for the joy of service and wish that we would ask for their assistance more often. Working with angels offers us the opportunity to develop inner-wisdom whilst strengthening self-understanding. By connecting with your inner-light you will easily be able to overcome obstacles in your day to day life. We can reinforce our angelic connection by asking the angels to assist us in achieving our goals. They help by motivating us towards our dreams and desires.

Angels have many and varied tasks to perform. ‘Messenger angels’ have the ability to show up just at the right moment to help, assist and/or save a situation.

Some angels are ‘inspirational’, teaching us through cosmic virtues such as goodness, kindness, honesty, humility, purity, joy, beauty and blessings.

Other angels act as ‘joy bringers’ or ‘blessing bringers’, gladdening our hearts and guiding us towards positive experiences.


Writing to the Angels is an excellent way to align and connect with them, and it can help you gain clarity on personal issues. Writing to them, just as you'd write a letter to a close friend, helps to strengthen the contact you've already made by establishing a mind/heart link. That link develops as you bring the angel into your mind and heart to direct your thoughts to it.

When you have problems, you can write to your angels. Open your heart and let your true thoughts and feelings flow forth and pour them out onto the paper. Once done, let go of the issue or problem and ask the angels to resolve the problem and find a solution to suit your highest good and the good of all.

A simple way to purify your thoughts and receive angelic help and healing, is to write down all your concerns. List everything that makes you feel angry, sad or that causes you to behave in a fearful or negative manner. Let it all out to your angels. Be honest about what makes you feel fearful, disappointed or disillusioned.

When you have finished your list, rather than going over what you’ve written, burn the piece of paper. Do not dwell on old issues and hurts as this relives the negativity - just burn the paper so that the past is cleansed and you can receive healing.

The act of writing also helps you to organise your thoughts and clear your mind of clutter. Writing will allow the angels to come through to you on a high frequency. Corresponding with your angels clears out the static and mind chatter that interferes with good reception. Another benefit is that when you externalize your intentions and desires, you begin to release them. A thought on paper is encapsulated and complete. In writing it down, you clear out the portion of your brain that held it, making room for something new.

Writing can also help to loosen your attachment to desires. When you put them out, you can let them go. If you keep clutching them, there is no way you can release them to your angel, and to get the support you need in getting what you want. We can only receive with an open, empty hand. However, if what you want does not come to you when, or, as you wanted it, keep track of the outcome. Very often you will find that something better occurred instead.

Remember that angels are beings of 'connection', not of control. The way in which they support us will come from love and not from power.

When we ask for help, our angels will always respond and back us up. But they do this from a wider perspective that we are usually unable to see. What we perceive as the perfect lover or perfect job for us, may not be the proper choice for our highest good in the long-run – eventhough it may look good to us in the moment, and fit our current image of what we want. Through conversing and communicating with our angels, we learn to upgrade our desires – to want not simply what we want, but what is best for all. Over time, we discover that this give us a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. And this is only one of the gifts angelic contact brings.

You can also write to other people's angels. This is not about trying to control somebody else; it is about expressing what's so for you. You may sometimes find yourself in difficult or unfortunate situations with people you can't talk to, or fear you might hurt them if you say the things you want to say. You may also have things to say to people who have passed out of your life or who have passed over to the other side.

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