Divination Methods

Creating Your Own Realities

Being Empathic

The Violet Flame

Creating A Sacred Space

Using Affirmations To Manifest

Your Life Purpose and Soul Mission

Accepting and Developing Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

6 Steps to Manifesting

The Aura and Its Colours

Clearing and Cleansing the Aura

Inner Wisdom

Life Charts and Blueprints

Life Lessons

Our Life Purpose

How To Boost Your Memory


Talisman and Amulets – Good and Bad Luck Symbols

Your Life Purpose – The Purpose of Your Life

Goddess Circle Ritual

Cloud Reading – What The Images In The Clouds Mean

What Your Doodles and Drawings Mean

Déjà vu –The Meaning of Déjà vu in Our Lives

Dowsing –What Is It and How Does It Work?

Spirits, Ghosts, Entities and Energies

NUMEROLOGY –What Your House Number Means

How To Stay Spiritually Connected

Releasing Souls To The Light – Shifting Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits

Birth Stones– Gemstones and Crystals of the Months

Chinese Astrology – The Basic Concepts

Spirit Guides– Who And What Are They?

Karma – WhatIs It and How Does It Work?

Ancient Remedies of Modern Ailments

Mythology and Cosmology of the Norse Vikings

A to Z of Spiritual Terms and Definitions

Managing Your Anger and Negativity

The Month You Were Born

Lightworkers and Lightworking


Allowing Our Angels to Help Us

Angel Lights

Working With The Angels

Angels of the Zodiac

Angels of The Natural World – The Elemental Kingdom

ANGEL NUMBERS – What Are Angel Numbers?

ANGEL NUMBERS – Mixed Numbers

Angel Numbers – Repeating 9’s

Angel Numbers – Repeating 8’s

Angel Numbers – Repeating 7’s

Angel Numbers – Repeating 6’s

Angel Numbers– Repeating 5’s

Angel Numbers – Repeating 4’s

Angel Numbers – Repeating 3’s

Angel Numbers – Repeating 2’s

Angel Numbers – Repeating 1’s

Angel Numbers – Repeating 0’s

RUNES – The Elderfuthark

Your Attitude Determines Your Life

The Benefits of Expressing Gratitude

Making Positive Life Choices

Healing Negative Energies

Spiritual and Native American Animal Symbology

What Happens to Our Pets When They Die

Astrology for Pets and Animals

Herbs and Herbal Remedies for Pets and Animals

Natural Intuition and Instincts of Pets and Animals

Natural Therapy For Pets – Bach Flower Remedies

Choosing the Perfect Pet for You

Pet and Animal Communication

Communicating With Animals – IntuitivelyCommunicating with Your Pets

Animal and Pet Communication

Bird Divination – Divination with Birds

Healing Addictions

Spiritual Awakening

Psychic Warnings

Affirmations, Visualizations and Manifesting

Psychic Abilities

Lightworkers and Lightworking

Abundance and The Law of Attraction



Sacred Scribes Ceramics




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