Oct 27, 2014

Clearing and Cleansing the Aura


Clearing and cleansing the aura regularly is important in order to keep us healthy on all levels.  Every atom, particle and cell of the body is surrounded by an energy field known as the ‘aura’.  The aura extends approximately an arm’s length around the entire body.  Within the aura there are ‘meridians, which are channels that convey energy around the body.

The aura contains a series of layers  -  the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Each impacts upon the other and therefore need to be treated in conjunction with one another, making clearing and cleansing the aura extremely important.  Energy flows around our bodies via the ‘meridians’.  These feed all of our body parts and major organs.  This flow of energy must be kept strong, clean and clear, otherwise we may develop problems which can manifest emotionally, mentally and physically.  

The body and soul, mind and spirit are all connected, and our spiritual state affects our mental state, and our mental state affects our energetic state, making clearing and cleansing the aura of the utmost importance for our overall wellbeing.

A way to cleanse and clear the aura is through visualization, as this can be uplifting and enlightening for all of our senses.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and some colored pencils or crayons.  Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted, sit comfortably, then relax as much as possible.  Take your paper and pen and draw an outline of yourself.

Use your intuition to imagine and picture your aura, and to sense any negativity that you may have created from your own habits and/or thought patterns, or picked up from others.

Draw another outline around the first drawing of the outline of your body (symbolizing your aura), then outline or draw where the negativity spots or patches may be sitting within your aura.

Use your colored pencils (or crayons) to color in your aura as your intuitively view it.  If you have problems imagining the colors of your aura, just use the first color that comes to mind.  Do not put too much thought into it, but rather, make your choice an instinctive, automatic one.  Then color in any perceived negativity spots in your aura.

Use your mind, intentions (and even ask your angels) to clear away any blocks and negativity from your aura.  Imagine a flow of energy surging through you, pushing out the negative energies.

Visualize a vibrant Violet Flame surrounding your entire body, and allow the flame to burn away and remove all the negativity from your own thoughts and feelings, concerns and worries.

Direct the Violet Flame towards the negative blocks in the aura, clearing and cleansing the aura.

Take a few moments to ensure that your aura is now clear and clean.  You should feel fresh and renewed.

Another quick way of clearing and cleansing the aura is to imagine a beam or stream of pure, vibrant White Light being directed towards you.  Allow it to fill your aura and your entire mind, body and soul.  Deeply breathe in this White Light whilst allowing yourself to absorb it fully into every cell of your being.

Once you are feeling revitalized and clear, breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth and few times, and you are done.

You can repeat this process whenever you wish to reinforce the positive energies, protection and the healing vibrations of the Violet Flame and White light.

Clearing and cleansing the aura can be done whenever you feel the need.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

Apr 22, 2014


As humans, our purpose here on Earth is to learn lessons and to gain knowledge and experience.  This is where the concept of reincarnation comes into play.

Prior to incarnating we decide which lessons we are going to experience and learn in order for us to spiritually evolve.  When we choose our lessons we also choose the experiences and circumstances that will enable us to learn those particular lessons.

Once our soul makes the decision to reincarnate and inhibit a human body and existence, we create a ‘life chart’ or ‘blueprint’.  This blueprint is based upon what our souls are most interested in learning in order to gain knowledge and to ascend.  The blueprint includes all aspects of our lives including the kinds of parents, siblings, families, childhoods and sex we will have in order to facilitate our lessons.

It also includes our careers, financial status, sexual preferences, relationships, marriage partners, our children and even the length of our lives.  Illness and death are included in our life’s blueprint, although we are able to select an ‘option line’.  This ‘option line’ enables us to change or modify options (such as illness and death) as we proceed through our lives.

There are seven ‘option lines’ within our chart and these include family, health, love, social life, finance, career and spirituality.  These are the areas in which our souls have the most to learn from and may therefore be particularly challenged by during our lifetimes.

Within the theory of reincarnation, our blueprints contain all the elements of our new lives, although we are given choices and options along the way so that we can use our free-will when making decisions.  It also gives us the opportunity to learn through the use of our intuition and inner-knowing.

Once we experience reincarnation into human form we lose conscious awareness of our charts (blueprints) during our lifetime on Earth.

As well as mapping out our blueprints prior to incarnating, we make sacred contracts with entities on the ‘Other Side’ (the realm of spirit), to guide, protect, help and advise us through our earthly journeys.  The most intimate of these advisors are our ‘Spirit Guides’.  Our spirit guides help us to conceive, review and carry out our blueprints, and are with us every step of the way.

All spirit guides have themselves spend at least one lifetime on the earth-plane.  Because of this they are able to empathize with all the frailties, problems, mistakes, temptations and fears we may encounter along our paths.

The spirit guide’s main job is to encourage, urge, nudge, support and guide us on our life’s path.  Our spirit guides send us messages via our intuition and subconscious minds.

In our blueprints we write in ‘signposts’ that let us know that we are on the right track.  From time to time throughout our lives those signposts appear in the form of déjà vu.  These often hit us with a sudden flood of total familiarity  -  yet our logical minds assume that we must somehow be duplicating or re-living a moment we have lived through before  -  but in fact, we are not.  What we are experiencing with déjà vu is a tiny signpost from our blueprint that we created whilst still on the ‘other side’.

With this type of déjà vu, our soul is resonating profoundly with the realization of our chart.  It echoes from our subconscious (where the soul/spirit mind exists), to our conscious mind.  In that instance both our conscious and subconscious minds are receiving confirmation or an affirmation that we are in perfect synchronization with our blueprints.  Apart from this, we are getting a quick glimpse at the eternity of our soul’s lives.

Those same glimpses of the signposts of our blueprints also appear to us as a ‘coincidences’.  Because we don’t realize the significance of the signpost at the time we rarely give them any thought and consider them to be just a ‘coincidence’  –  but there are NO coincidences in the Universe as everything happens for a reason.  What we are actually experiencing is a signpost in our blueprint just prior to that signpost appearing in our lives.

A close relative of coincidence is ‘synchronicity’.  Synchronicity is considered to be an especially meaningful coincidence.  It almost always involves an unmistakable physical sign of some kind and not only draws our attention to the harmony of the Universe, but also gives us tangible proof that we are exactly where we have charted ourselves to be, doing exactly what we are meant to be doing at that exact moment.

Within the theory of reincarnation, whilst traveling along our earthly journey we are to remain aware and in-tune with our intuition and higher, inner-wisdom.

The purpose of reincarnation is to learn life lessons and to gain experience and knowledge for our soul’s growth.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes