Oct 7, 2010

NUMEROLOGY - What Your House Number Means


To work out your HOUSE NUMBER vibration, add the numbers of your address together, then reduce it to a single digit.  This single digit is your House Number.
For example:  A house or apartment number of 22 would be worked out as 2 + 2 = 4.  

4 is the House Number.

A house or apartment number of 326 would be calculated as:  3 + 2 + 6 = 11.  1 + 1 = 2.  The number 2 is the House Number.

This house inspires drive and independence.  Under no circumstances clutter this house.  Keep furniture to a minimum and decorate in white or strong bright colours.  Keep windows clean and clear.

A number 1 house is likely to be the type of house which catches the attention of others as they pass.  These distinguishing features could be good or bad, both attracting attention.

People living in number 1 houses often use white, gold and orange in and around their homes.  You will often see guilded mirrors and crystal chandeliers, if money allows.

A number 1 house quite often belongs to a person with a high position in work, and to one who has a definite ambition.  It can sometimes be the home of someone notorious or famous.  A person who has not been well for sometime will improve in a number 1 house.

People who are not ‘snobs’ or members of the ‘upper crust’ may be brought in contact with these people.  Number 1 house people themselves can be ‘snobs’.

A number 2 house is sure to be a very homely, comfortable and attractive home, with nice unpretentious people who are willing to share their hospitality with others. 

The number 2 house is often decorated with comfortable, cosy and tasteful furnishings, and has a loving and warm atmosphere. 

The 2 house has simple, nurturing foods in their cupboards, and share this with others freely.  There is seldom any sign of ostentation at a number 2 house.

Sympathetic influence of the 2 gives an affinity and feeling for the mass of average people, and there is often a real sense of community spirit present in this house.

Often children living here may not be your own, but other people’s who are drawn to your place.

A number 2 house is not a fixed, stable influence and there may be many changes and alterations affecting people in this house. 

The number 2 address inspires sensitivity, so compliment its energy with pinks, whites and creams. 

The Number 3 house expresses a desire for expansion and increase for the people who live there, with the result that one feels the need for plenty of room to move.

Number 3 houses give a great need for freedom and unrestricted living.  It is to be recognized that the Number 3 functions in both its positives and negative, so there will be honesty and dishonesty, gain and loss, controlled expansion and reckless gamble.

The 3 address is an interesting residence, as it symbolizes encouragement rather than discouragement.

This fun house inspires creativity and brings lots of visitors. 

Use wicker and cane furniture and keep colours fun with yellow and purple tones.

A number 4 House isn’t everyone’s cup of tea because the influence can be very overpowering.  Because of the diametrically opposing forces inherent in this number, the 4 house is likely to have some odd feature about it which should, but can not, easily be resolved.

There is often an effort made to transform the old-style appearance into a contemporary design, but this can be very difficult to achieve or can cause great disruptions to those living there.

Number 4 often produces a strong sense of frustration because it pulls in two directions.  Only persons with a strong positive character will be able to find the qualities of peace of mind and tranquillity in a number 4 house.

This influence can bring bigger upheavals and more disruptions than any other number, and more often happen through circumstances beyond one’s control. More than one person living in a number 4 house can be found to have completely different points of view and neither will give way to the other.  This can be very noticeable between the very conventional – ‘square’ parent, and a  –  way out ‘mod’ teenager. 

People who live in a number 4 house will have to work very hard,  and a standard conventional line of work is often tossed aside under the influence of the 4.  They then set about carving out some original niche for themselves.

The 4 home can attract financial or relationship problems, so negate that with attractive gardens and a brightly-coloured front door and letterbox.  Decorate with earthly colours such as brown, with touches of green, caramel and white.

A number 5 house is a very busy place, and one can feel a restless air of activity as soon as you walk in the door.  This is a home where people get together and talk about all sorts of things.  There are always people popping in and out, coming and going.   It can be like a miniature railway station. 5 can be an exciting address to live at, especially for singles. 

People who are connected with communication, news, information and transport all seem to be at home in a number 5 house. The telephone is an essential and much needed item in a number 5 house;  and this also applies to the car.  This is due to the restless nature of the number 5 because it likes to be out and about, circulating and making contact with people and places.

Children in a 5 house often have a great interest in bikes or motorbikes.  This number also tends to produce a highly-strung, rather nervous type of disposition and it does seem to be difficult to sit and do nothing in a number 5 house.

There is always something about the 5 house that you do not like.  Combat this by using bright colours on the walls, and camouflaging areas that are not to your taste.

This is certain to be a most attractive and/or artistically decorated house.  It may express, in some way, something of beauty, symmetry and refinement, to do with number 6.  There is usually a predominance of pastel shades in the basic colour scheme, and often a preference for pink or aqua  -  the overall effect being one of harmony and calmness.

In its negative aspect, 6 tends to overdo the decorative effects, often combining too many colours and therefore spoiling the effect.

As 6 is the number of equality and justice, consequently, to live in this house means that you will be repaid for past action.  Don’t forget, however, that the harvest will depend on the type of seeds that have been sown.

With the 6 energy of this house, those living in the home are also balanced under this influence.  Love and hatred, attraction and repulsion, are the positive and negative aspects of the number 6.  It is therefore likely that you will learn the meaning of one or the other, or maybe even both, while living in a number 6 house.

The 6 home is a lovely address for families and for artists and teachers.  Under the happy influence of this number, you will probably make some wonderful friends and have many enjoyable moments because it is the most favourable number for harmonious co-operation.  The closeness of family, pets and loved ones are felt in the 6 home.  Discord cannot survive for long in the kind of atmosphere in this house.

The 7 address inspires spirituality. 

The number 7 address is under very complex and very subtle influences.  The house can appear at first glance to be one thing, when in actual fact, it is the opposite.  There may be a part of the structure that is not instantly visible to the onlooker and in some cases, the structure is defective, though it may not be apparent.

The common problem with a number 7 house is dampness, or trouble with drainage.

Furniture should be minimal and you should decorate with touches of purple, orange and/or yellow.  Try to create a 'quiet room' with a bookcase, or have regular 'no TV' times to benefit the family from the energies of the 7 vibration.

A great address for everyone, particularly the self-employed and self-motivated.  This house will normally skyrocket in value or help those living there to accrue wealth. 

Try not to have anything shabby showing, and keep furniture as modern as you can.

Natural earthy shades with touches of red are ideal.

The 9 house enhances study and all students will do well living here.  The number 9 inspires ‘humanitarianism’ and this house will be open to bringing people in.  For example, if a friend or family member is in need, room will always be made for them in a 9 house.

A 9 house is prone to have electrical problems and burnt toast is a common occurrence.

Decorate in pale, calm colours and keep lots of houseplants.  Display trophies around the room to enhance success, and put out fresh flowers as often as you can.

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