Nov 15, 2010

What Your Doodles and Drawings Mean

The doodles and drawings we make absentmindedly can indicate your state of mind, your subconscious emotions and can give clues as to what’s to come.

Where You Doodle and Draw

The TOP of a page – Doodling at the top of the page indicates that you are strong-minded, assertive, confident and always in control.

The CENTRE of a page – Drawing in the centre of a page indicates that you are an extrovert and enjoy being the centre of attention.

The RIGHT side of a page – Doodling on the right side of the page indicates a longing to travel and/or to escape a current relationship or situation.  If the pen or pencil strokes are strong and direct it may indicate that major changes are necessary.

The LEFT side of a page – Doodling and drawing on the left side of a page may be implying that you are one to dwell on the past and what may have been.

What You Doodle and Draw

Animals  -  Drawing animals often suggests that new friendships and associations are on their way into your life.

Arrows – Drawing arrows can be seen as quite a negative doodle as it indicates a build-up of anger and resentment, and unresolved emotional baggage.

Birds – Birds often indicate travel and freedom.  You may have an urge to travel and seek new experiences and adventures, particularly by air.

Cats – In some instances, cats can indicate unresolved envy or jealousy.  Depending upon circumstances, cats can also indicate a spiritual awakening.

Chains – Drawing chains may be indicating feelings of personal restrictions and/or being manipulated and trapped by others or within a situation.

Circles – Doodling circles may indicate that you are feeling as though your life is a little empty.  Complete circles indicate that you will soon find fulfilment. Drawing many circles may indicate new family members and/or a wish coming true.

Clouds – Doodling grey or dark clouds can indicate deception and/or hidden things.  If you are in a very positive frame of mind whilst doodling and drawing clouds, it is a message that good tidings and new blessings will be revealed to you shortly.  As the saying goes, ‘every cloud has a silver lining.’

Curves – Doodling curves indicates a heightened psychic ability and strong intuition.

Diamonds – Doodling diamonds can indicate a marriage proposal.  It also denotes good news and positive outcomes to do with finances and career choices.

Dogs – Drawing dogs may indicate feelings of loyalty, companionship and friendship.  It may be indicating that new, loyal friends will be entering your life.

Dollar Signs – Doodling lots of dollar signs means money (sometimes lots of it) is on its way into your life.  It can also indicate financial security and/or career advancement and/or promotion.

Dots – Doodling dots often indicates money and financial security.  The more dots, the more money.

Eggs – Drawing eggs may be foretelling a pregnancy or birth.  Depending upon circumstances, it may also indicate a new phase or chapter in your life about to begin.

Eyes – Doodling and drawing eyes indicates that your ‘third eye’ is open and your intuition is strong at this time.  You are able to see things in a different light.

Faces – Doodling happy faces often indicates inner feelings of joy and harmony   -  although sometimes, given circumstances, it can indicate feelings of wishing to be someone other than yourself and wanting a new or different life and/or lifestyle.

Flowers – Flowers often suggest happiness, relationship harmony, love and good news.

Houses – Doodling houses is an indication of your true feelings in regards to yourself  - your inner-heart-self.  If you draw an attractive house with windows, a door and chimney it may indicate feelings of inner happiness and self-love.  Drawing a house with no windows indicates feelings of being ‘locked-in’ or stuck in a rut.  An untidy drawing of a house can indicate sadness in your life and/or a lack of self esteem and self-love.  Houses represent ourselves, and as the saying goes “home is where the heart is”.

Letters – Doodling and drawing letters often indicates that new people will be coming into your life very soon.  It may also indicate an important message or news coming your way in the very near future.

Lines – Doodling straight lines can be seen as a negative drawing as it may be indicating built-up resentment and anger as well as unresolved emotional issues.

Maps – Drawing maps often indicates up and coming travel.

Numbers – Drawing numbers may be suggesting events yet to come, celebrations or a period of time.
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Patterns – Doodling patterns may be indicating that you are feeling pressured, and this may lead to vulnerability and/or disappointments.  It may be time to break a negative pattern or habit in your life.

Plane – Doodling and drawing planes often indicates a desire to travel overseas and/or off to far-flung places.

Rectangles – Doodling rectangles indicates that you are ambitious and success and rewards for your efforts are on their way into your life.

Snakes – Drawing snakes often indicates hidden enemies and deception.  It can also suggest challenges that are to be faced or even bad health.

Spiders – Doodling and drawing spiders is very auspicious and indicates good luck, particularly when a web is drawn along with the spider/s.

Squares – Doodling squares indicates that security is your main focus at this time and you will be making important financial decisions.

Suitcase  -  Drawing and doodling suitcases implies the wish for travel.

Swirls – Doodling swirls suggests that your psychic and intuitive abilities are heightened at the moment and spiritual and psychic experiences will be enhanced.

Triangles – Doodling triangles indicates that you are bright-minded and any problems will be resolved quickly and easily.  A new skill or talent will come to the fore.

Walls – Drawing walls indicates that you may be feeling restrictions in your life at this time.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

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