Jun 10, 2016

Letting Go Of Negativity

Many of us struggle with the part of ourselves that wants to be rid of old negative patterns. It is now time to make a conscious effort to do this, because if we remain in our 'old ways' we will miss out on so much that lies ahead. It is time to leave the baggage behind.

Often, we have difficulty letting go of past memories, hurts and emotional issues eventhough they cause much distress and soul-pain, and ultimately leads to so much destruction of the 'soul-self'.

To allow the 'letting go' to take place, dictate to the soul that certain issues that may have caused you to harbour negative emotions, no longer serve you, and it is time for them to leave your life. They will not go unless they are asked to, as it was you (us) who placed them there to start with.

We are designed to utilize our unique talents and gifts and to use our free-will for the betterment of ourselves and others - not to dwell in a life of heart-pain.

It is time to move forward without any old negative clutter dragging along behind us. We are to cleanse ourselves and our souls of our 'old ways' in preparation for the new, positive energies to be ushered in. Wash away the stagnant and negative characteristics of the self that hold us back from the many gifts this life has for us.

It is a time of great change - and it is time for us to change.

Let your light shine brightly ...


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  1. I love how the universe works! I am moving through my growth at speed. Your words synchronize with many of my patterns and give me validation of the experience I am in during the moment. Thankyou xx

  2. Thank Joanne. You have so much value post . Hoping you peace and safe now

    Chelsy Nguyen


  4. Thank you for all the uplifting reading. I really need some guidens right now. My mother pasta away in My 47 birthday, it is not the best time of my life right now, but Whit THE guidens of my Angeles helps alot.
    Can I ask you if there is a reason that my mother past away on my birthday?

  5. This evening I had a run in with a negative neighbor/tenant of mine. I was in a place of calm, and she made a comment that set me off. I felt like my house had been violated when I carried that energy in, and I felt embarrassed because I acted that way in front of my dog. I chose to have an energetic talk with her, and meet her from a place of love. To some doctors this may be an indicator of trauma, for myself I see and feel it is a way to clear my energy. In the midst of this "conversation", the words "It's not my fight" came into my head. A wave of calm came over me. Now an hour later, I stumble upon this writing. I love these moments, and being able to see the magic and synchronicities. Thank you for being a conduit of the universe.

  6. This is Vera. YWCA ACROSS HALL- I'm ok!!