Jun 1, 2009

Blaze & Rusty - Animal Communication and the Law of Attraction

My daughter Sarah had always wanted a horse, and I’d promised her one since she was 3 years old. She is now 14. The time had finally come, so off we went seeking a suitable horse for a young novice. We were after an aged mare who was patient, tolerant and forgiving towards a learner rider … a trustworthy horse that had ‘been there and done that.’

We stood in the middle of a huge paddock full of horses of all ages, stages and breeds. We knew we were at the right place … we just had to pick the right horse. I reminded Sarah to use her intentions, love and intuition to draw ‘her’ horse towards her.
Out of the pack strode a most beautiful young, gangly colt … never really handled by humans and totally untrained.

The breeder told me that he was a shy and timid horse who didn’t like his face and ears being touched. Sarah was already walking towards the young horse as he slowly made his way towards her. When they met in the middle, the young colt pushed his face towards her, and Sarah raised her hand to his forehead to stroke his face and ears. He didn’t flinch. The match was made, come what may. Sarah named her young horse ‘Blaze’ due to his startling white blaze.

Because Blaze was so young and required a bit of human handling before being released to us, he was to spend the following months with the breeder and his paddock family. In the meantime Sarah and I would visit Blaze a couple of times per month so they could become accustomed to one another, and so that Robyn (the breeder) could work with Sarah and Blaze together, teaching them both basic techniques.

To make Blaze feel comfortable and to demonstrate her techniques, Robyn would bring in and work with another young colt … Blaze’s paddock make and best horsey-friend … a pure-bred Quarterhorse who we nicknamed ‘Rusty’ due his vibrant chestnut coat.

After our sessions Sarah and I would talk about the horses and I’d always comment that it would be lovely for Blaze to have his horsey-friend come with him once he left the familiar safety of his home and herd to come to our farm.

I’d thought about it a trillion times, but couldn’t seriously consider buying him … one young horse, plus Jessie the Shetland x Mini pony we already have, was quite enough. I wouldn’t have the time, talent, experience, patience or knowledge to work with such a young horse … or with any horse for that matter. I love horses, but I’m not interested in riding them.

Having studied and written a book about animal communication, I am aware of the psychic links and bonds between animals and humans. I’d always felt that Blaze’s paddock-mate wanted to come to our farm when the time came for Blaze to leave. I felt that he’d become just as fond of me as I’d become of him, and he certainly wouldn’t want to be separated from Blaze.

The week Blaze was due to be delivered to us, I received an urgent phone call from his breeder. She’d run out of water in her paddocks, and needed to disperse all of her horses to other properties as soon as possible.
Would I be willing to take on Rusty aswell?
I didn’t need asking twice!
But rather than just taking him on temporarily and handing him back once her water situation was fixed, I offered to buy him outright. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to give him up in the future, so the deal was done. Rusty arrived early the following Saturday morning side-by-side with his best buddy Blaze, and both have settled in nicely.

Although I hadn’t consciously ‘put out’ for Rusty, I had managed to draw him into my life through my heart-felt desire for him.

I have been studying animal communication for some time now and intend to practice psychically communicating with Rusty. He is very open and receptive, and as I’ve learned, horses are very talkative animals and have a lot to say.

Wish me luck …!

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

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