May 7, 2009

Psychic Warnings

Lots of people (not necessarily ‘psychics’ … just everyday people from all walks of life) around the world were given different insights, indicators and signs that something ominous was to take place prior to 9/11. Some wrote about it, some spoke about dreaming or envisioning about it and some vocally predicted it. Here in Australia there was a phenomenon of groups of random children from different parts of the country, experiencing dreams and visions about two planes crashing into two tall building and lots of people being in those buildings. Some children even did drawings … some of which have been published since.

Many websites have active discussions about 9/11 and there are links to predictions and the like that were made prior, as well as stories of people’s premonitionary experiences.

Most people are hesitant to step forward with their insights, fearing ridicule from society, so keep them to themselves and do not alert anyone. Some may tell their nearest and dearest, but no one else. Some may put their premonition down to it simply being an awful dream or nightmare and nothing more, and yet others actively voice their ‘messages’.

Some psychics were given insights into 9/11 prior to it taking it place and did report their predictions to many and varied sources, but they were quashed, disregarded, discredited and not taken seriously.

Would the authorities (in whatever form) really listen to, take notice and take action if some random person were to contact them to tell them about a dream they’d had the night before, or a vision they’d had??

Often it is not until after the incident takes place that we can look back with hindsight.

Some interpretations of Nostradamus’ works indicate that he described and warned of the 9/11 tragedy and the repercussions to come from it in a couple of his quatrains.

The Native American Indians - the Hopi tribe in particular, make vague references to 9/11 in some of their ancient prophesies. Although at the time of their ‘visions’ they could not logically imagine nor fathom planes and towers so found them hard to describe in detail … but their messages were clear.

People from all walks of life (not just some psychics) had insights or inklings prior to 9/11, but until it actually took place, it all may have seemed beyond credible belief.

Who would have ever believed that something like 9/11 could EVER happen - until it actually did.

Personally, prior to 9/11, if someone told me about a dream they’d had with vivid descriptions of everything that took place on 9/11, from the planes being hijacked, to them being directed towards and hitting the towers and the mass destruction and tragic loss of life that ensued … the whole lot of it …
I would have felt for the ‘dreamer’ for experiencing such a dreadful dream/nightmare …
… but I would not have rung the White House to tell them about it.
And even if I did, who would take me seriously? Really?

I’d like to give you a couple of other examples in history of where people have reported and/or openly spoken of their premonitions and predictions …

Cassandra was a renowned psychic/mystic who lived during the times of ancient Troy. She was well known for the accuracy of her predictions and visions and many people travelled from far and wide to consult with her.

She warned the citizens of Troy and the ‘leaders’ of the time to ‘be ware of Greeks baring gifts’. No one listened. No one believed her or took her warning seriously regardless of her prior accuracies.

When the Greeks arrived with their gift of the Trojan Horse, again she warned them. She gave them great detail as to the threats, evening telling them specifically about the hidden Greek army within the ‘gift’ … but she was labeled a fool and cast aside as a madwoman.

Another example is the Titanic. In the years leading up to the Titanic disaster, many people around the world had premonitionary dreams, visions and a ‘knowing’ of the impeding disaster. A few years prior to the sinking of the Titanic, a man in Europe wrote and published a book about a large, elegant passenger liner hitting an iceberg and sinking on its maiden voyage. He gave detailed descriptions and illustrations of this elaborate ship throughout the content of the book … exactly matching the yet to be built Titanic. The storyline and details were exactly that of what actually took place some years later with the Titanic. The author of this book said the ‘story’ and intricate details came to him in a series of vivid dreams, so he wrote them down.

Prior to the maiden voyage of the Titanic, many people across the world had forebodings about the ship and the voyage for many and varied reasons … some explainable, some not so. Many spoke later that despite the opulence, elegance, money, engineering and craftsmanship of the elaborate Titanic, they felt a sense of ‘doom’ about the ship … a sense that all was not right whether they had anything to do with the ship/voyage or not.

There are many different references and recorded instances of people telling of their premonitions and insights prior to the Titanic’s maiden voyage …
and some people did alert or warn the operators/owners - but given that the Titanic was a feat of modern technology and could not be sunk due to it’s ingenious engineering, design and structure …. any questions or expressed fears were disregarded.

Who would have believed that it’s sinking could take place - until it actually did.

Lots and lots of examples like this can be found throughout history …
so although some may ask why psychics don’t warn people before a disaster takes place, the fact is that they most often do - its just that people don’t listen or take notice until it’s too late.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. I was in the airport in las vegas and i saw a bird inside the bldg. And then i had several visions in a row...i told my boyfriend what i saw and i couldnt stop crying. He said not to worry about my moms plane crashing... and i told him i already knew that but that there were four planes that would simutaneously crash and that three would slam into bldgs and one would crash in a field...but i saw it being shot down somehow,anyway that was two weeks prior to september 11th....

  2. PLEASE READ. ANYONE. Hello, I’ve been having so many nightmares of gore and i wake up so scared, i wondered what it could mean and then i looked at the news for the first time in years. the doomsday clock is closer to midnight than ever, celebrities dressing in red and being demonic, my prediction is that the earth is going to be destroyed by humans, my name is Ahna J. Remember my words please because something is going to happen. My nightmares have predicted the mass outbreak of gun violence and the shooting at Michigan University, and the Derailment of the train in Ohio the day before it happened. I don’t know who to tell without me sounding crazy, my dreams have predicted several other things including my own personal life. For whoever sees this, please stay safe and bring peace to this world before it is too late. It’s Thursday Feb 23rd, 2023, 3:53A.M. . I wish you all good luck, and thank you Joanne so much for helping me with everything. Goodnight.