Aug 27, 2009

Spiritual Awakening

We are living in a time where people are embracing their spiritual side. Even those who do not use the label of ‘spirituality’ are open to concepts such as trusting their intuition and finding their life’s purpose.

Every person’s faith and beliefs are their very own and no two are identical as they are as unique as we are. As each of us has our own path to tread so each of us experiences our steps to spiritual awareness in our own unique way or order.

Upon awakening spiritually you may begin to feel ‘different’. All seems the same around you, but something within you has changed or shifted in a big way. Your old beliefs and ways begin to fall by the wayside as the real you emerges.

The path to inner-awakening can be joyful, exciting and enlightening all at the same time. It can also be frightening with upheaval, changes, feelings of imbalance and emotional anxiety. Emotionally you may find yourself quite often on the verge of tears and crying about little sentiments that generally wouldn’t have concerned you in the past. You may also find the opposite to happen with outbursts of anger and/or irritability. You may find yourself swaying between the emotions of empathy and compassion to aggression and anxiety. The entire spectrum of emotions can be experienced during an awakening or spiritual emergence.

You may find a desire to ‘find yourself’, your soul or life purpose and/or your passion. Within this often comes a questioning of who you truly are and what you really want in your life. This can cover the scope of relationships, social-sets, friends, occupations, living arrangements, lifestyle choices and most often, sweeping changes are in the offing.

Your energy levels will fluctuate, going from way down low to high and vibrant. Rather than try to fight it, go with the flow. On the down days, relax and take it easy as much as possible. On the high energy days take advantage and get as much achieved as possible.

You may become aware of destructive recurring patterns in your life. You may have lived for many years repeating habits such as self-sabotage or choosing inappropriate partners, then suddenly it seems you become very clear and recognize it. This opens up the way to acknowledging then dealing with and eradicating the negative habit or pattern.

On many levels you may begin to appreciate the environment and the natural world in all it’s colours, forms, shapes and life-forms. Interest in eco-friendly alternatives, less consumption and materialism, humanitarian endeavours and a growing concern for animal welfare may come to the fore with your acceptance and love for all being expanding on all levels.

As your energy lightens you may become more sensitive to certain foods and addictives. Allergies and intolerances may become prevalent where before there were none. You may crave foods you’ve never eaten, and repel those that are familiar. Trust your body to communicate what it requires and what it does not.

Frequently recurring synchronicities in your life are an indicator that you are on the right path. Answers to questions are revealed to you through messages and signs. The more you take notice and heed the messages, the more they shall appear in your life. You may find beneficial circumstances and the ‘right’ things happening at the ‘right time’ for you with opportunities seemingly falling from the sky. Spiritual awakening raises our vibration, which in turn releases blockages. This allows abundance to flow freely into your life.

When aligned with a higher vibration more auspicious manifestations become available and received by you. Your vibration is centered on the highest good for all and positive and beneficial circumstances and situations will abound in your life.

As you awaken spiritually you may find that your interests and desires may change profoundly. Rather than aimless entertainment you may choose to seek out more soul-nourishing past times, with interests more aligned with who you are becoming.

To grow spiritually is to learn to love unconditionally. When we are truly able to unconditionally love others without judgement we give ourselves wonderful opportunities to grow spiritually and naturally awaken.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


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  2. I truly believe in a spiritual awakening, I have seen so many things that are of Amazing Strange and Scary. I have seen Wonderful things, died once and saw the light, but it was not time for me yet, I have a daughter to raise..... God and My Guardians have been with me all my life... I know that for sure.... I just pray that now is the time for My Daughter and I to be....... Ourselves...... with out the hindrance of Any man. women . or other influences, Just Positive GOD! I know and trust in you to lead me...

    1. And you are absolutely right listen to spirit guides they will lead you right and your intuition .stay bless wish you and your family good will

  3. Look deep within to find the root of the sadness.

  4. I want to awaken spiritually. But How can i do it?

  5. Thank you SO MUCH, I get signs from angels every day and your channeling has helped me tremendously.

    May love and light always flow freely through your beautiful soul.

  6. Thank you so much for this teaching I'm very grateful ❤️❤️

  7. I thought I was going crazy..

  8. Believe that you are god. There’s no separation from you and the absolute. You are the creator of your life. Love others and lead by example. Wish you all the happiness!