Sep 30, 2010

RELEASING SOULS TO THE LIGHT - Shifting Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits

We are able to help move on or shift ghosts and spirits who are earthbound by directing them towards the ‘light’.  This is a beneficial thing to do for yourself, the environment and most importantly for the soul who is having difficulties leaving the Earthplane.

When you hear of someone who has died, send light and love to their soul.  This energy will help them leave the Earthplane peacefully.

Although each and every situation may vary, there are certain basic steps to follow that generally work.  You are able to modify this to suit yourself given the circumstances.

Sending souls love and healing helps them to pass over with ease. Helping souls to move towards the light can be done away from the location or at the location.  Often being away from the location is less challenging, yet just as effective.

*  Protect yourself by visualizing yourself surrounded by a violet flame or vibrant white light.

*  Call upon your spirit guides and angels to be with you and present for the duration.

*  Breathe deeply and open yourself with the intention of sensing the spirits in your chosen location.

*  Use your pendulum to ask questions such as:
-  are there any spirits present?
-  If so, how many?  (you can also ask such questions as their sex and age etc)
-  Ask them if they want or need help.

*  Tell them that you wish them no harm and are there to help them.

*  Tell them that they have died and that it is time for them to move on.

*  Connect with the spirits and one by one ask them to walk towards the light.  You may also wish to ask for some extra assistance from your angels at this time.

*  Tell them that they are going back to somewhere beautiful where they will be welcomed by their loved ones.

*  Reassure them that there is nothing to fear.

*  Ask the spirit to look up towards the light.  This light signifies the higher realms of the astral planes.

*   Send love and healing to the soul as it leaves.
*   Trust the process.

If a ghost or spirit refuses, call upon Archangel Michael to assist you.

If you believe that you have a ghost or lost soul in your home or workplace, and you’ve tried all means and methods to help the soul move on, your only option may be to learn to live with it.  Most often all you need do is ask the spirit or ghost to leave you alone in return of a promise on your behalf to let it stay.  You may find that you are able to live in total harmony with a spirit as long as you respect it.

This may not always be the case though, so if you are experiencing severe disturbances and are unable to shift the spirit to the light by yourself, seek the help, advice and/or services of a professional or experienced medium.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

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