Sep 24, 2010

SPIRIT GUIDES - Who and What Are They?

Every one of us has a Spirit Guide - someone we were very close to and trusted with our soul on the Other Side.  Our Spirit Guides, who agreed to be our constant, vigilant companion and helpmate when we made the choice to experience another lifetime on Earth, are the best friends we have ever had. Spirit Guides and all other transcended spirits are either male or female.

All Spirit Guides have spent at least one lifetime on Earth.  Because of this, they are able to empathize with the mistakes, problems, fears, temptations and all the frailties we encounter in the human world.

Because your relationship with your Spirit Guide was formed between your spirit and theirs on the Other Side before you were born, it is impossible for them to be someone you’ve known in this lifetime.

The spirits are all around us, everywhere. Though these companions cannot be seen, they can be felt. Sometimes it's that voice in your head telling you not to do something, or telling you to do something. It might be a dream you have giving you a message about things you should do.  Spirit Guides send you ‘messages’, often through your subconscious mind and dreams.  What you have always accepted as instincts or your conscience or unusually vivid dreams are your Spirit Guides sending you messages.

In addition to mapping out our blueprints before coming here, we make sacred contracts with entities on ‘The Other Side’ to watch over us, protect us, help and advise us, through this earthly journey we have chosen to undertake. The most intimate of these advisors helps us to conceive and review our blueprint with us  -  and is at our side every step of the way  -  this is our ‘Spirit Guide’.

The Spirit Guide’s job is to urge, encourage, nudge, support, advise and ‘guide’ us on our lives’ path, to aid, assist, help, protect and guide you with your spiritual development, and to serve as a source of inspiration and insight. Spirit guides can be helpful as you face difficult challenges and obstacles in your life, no matter what they may be. Let go of any fears or concerns of lack or loss or anything negative, and have faith that your needs are being met and you are well loved and protected in all ways.

Joanne Walmsley 
Sacred Scribes


  1. It was presented to me by a Lady at an annual 'Wells Spiritualist Camp' I do not remember her actual gift(s)but she was one of 3 I had chosen to visit during the 2 week or was open just around my forty birthday. She told me that most people on a high count will have maybe 7 goodies and I have 56! I instantly believed her because it just made sense. It's always been pretty not crowded but at least ALWAYS much is going on around me. After that I came to know my Animal Guides. It all fit so well I haven't questioned nor have tried to get to know those 56! Now this. Do you stand on there only being one? Or were you describing what an individual Sirit Guide of which there are many? Thank You for your commitment to sharing the knowledge for the good of the whole! I've been referencing and sending so MANY people here to your sight. They notice, they observe and if they get bit and ask me, I tell a short how works in my Life but as let me show you this...I'll read the one of mine that fueled the question and substantiate then read one of theirs after that! They leave with the seed watered well and the DIY care instructions/address in tow!


  2. The most releable advicd we can ever receive come from our own Intuition and gut FEELINGS.There are big differences between the True Inner-Guide-Your INTUITIVE, and the voice of your "EGO" Intuitive, Inner Guide, Instructions are positive and loving, Whereas "EGO"s ADVICE IS BASED IN FEAR!!!!!!