Apr 13, 2015

6 Steps to Manifesting

The steps to manifestation can be a simple yet complex undertaking. There are numerous variations to the process of manifesting and manifestation, but 6 principles can be Universally applied. With angelic assistance we are able to greatly amplify the power of our intentions. A vital part of angelic energy is ‘loving acceptance’. Because angels exist on a higher level of energy and thought, they are able to help us send our requests, goals and desires in the dimension where thought is creation.

The first step to successful manifestation is our ‘intention’. 

We all make a conscious choice to have what we want.  If you are not sure what it is that you really want, take a moment to imagine yourself having or achieving it already.  How does it make you feel?  If you can’t picture or feel what its’ like, then maybe you are not ready for it, or don’t really want it that much after all.  Perhaps you may even think that you can’t have it or don’t deserve it for some reason. 

Sometimes we give up wanting something when we believe that we can’t have it.  Although we don’t actually stop wanting it – we just deny ourselves the desire.  This is based upon the fear of disappointment, and the fear of disappointment undermines our intentions. We are afraid that we won’t get (or achieve) what we want, so we give up wanting, and deny ourselves the opportunity to even try.  Feeling ‘unworthy’ can create this fear. 

You must really, truly desire what you are affirming with your entire body and soul, mind and spirit.  Our ‘intention’ is the first step to successful manifestation.  Don’t be half-hearted about it.  Your body and soul will not fully resonate with your affirmations as they do not truly reflect who you are and your life path.

The second step in achieving your goal or achievement is commitment to having it.  This entails being willing to have it and all that it entails ... no ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘maybes’.   Do not be half-hearted or ambivalent about it.  You must be precise.
This step requires you to focus upon your true intention/s and to experience the commitment and conviction that you have in it.  You must be committed to your true desires in order to attain them.

Step 3 is all about ‘affirmations’ and ‘affirming’ what it is that we want.  Stating out-loud or writing down your affirmations is claiming what you want and affirming it.  The more you do it, the better, as each affirmation activates your intention and this begins to establish it in the physical realm.

The sound of our voice creates a wave form of energy, and the power of your intention and clarity of your visualization gives the affirmation extra strength and endurance.

In order to visualize the attainment of your goal, you must experience it as fully as you can in the here and now.  A ‘vision board’ is another positive way to affirm and manifest your desires.

Each of these actions will reinforce your inner conviction and affirms your goals to the Universe.

The fourth step to successful manifestation is by being appreciative and grateful for what we already have in our lives today, as well as for what is to come. Give thanks for the manifestation as if it has already taken place. Be generous in your thanks and act as though it is already part of your life, and be grateful for it.

‘Letting go’ is the fifth step to successful manifestation. 

Often this step is the most difficult of all as it entails that you release your goal to the Universe so that your order can be taken, prepared and delivered. You need to ‘let go’ in order for your goals and desires to come to fruition for you.

Remember to be thankful and positive for all that you have, and for all that is yet to enter your life. Have faith and trust that your goal or desire is on its way to you right now.

Relax. Enjoy your life knowing that you have taken all the steps to successful manifestation of your goals and desires.  Know that your prayers have been heard, and wait for miracles to happen in Divine right timing.

The steps to successful manifestation can be achieved, although work, patience, faith and trust must be put in on our behalf.


Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


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    Thank you,Joanne.Your guidance has be invaluable and such an enormous support in more ways than one.thankyou,stra straight from the heart.

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    amazing post Joanne...sending love and best wishes for you!!

  3. Thanks so. nice to know about who ya are!

  4. Bonjour,vous êtes une véritable guide, je lis vos textes et ils m'aident énormément, MERCI, vraiment gratitude :-) Je vous souhaite de merveilleuses et lumineuses fêtes de fin d'année 2019. Ingrid

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  6. Thank you.... Its so wonderful God train people for His people to guide them.. I am truly amazed... You help me a lot to understand big chnages in my life that aometimes i coudnt fathom. Truly heavens rules...

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  8. I just wanted to add to step 2 commitment. Faith is persistence. Not simply giving up not hoping but knowing . Persist until it become reality that is true commitment.

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