Apr 15, 2015

Creating A Sacred Space

We all have access to spiritual guidance and wisdom  -  the problem is taking the time and making the effort to tap into that wellspring of wisdom.

An effective way of making that connection is via sacred time spent in a sacred space. This can be achieved simply and easily by setting up your own personal alter or ‘sacred space’ in your home or garden.  You can decorate it however you are inspired.  You can place plants, candles, crystals and flowers on, in or around your sacred space.  You can display a picture, place a statue or other any other symbology in your special place ... whatever is most meaningful to you.

You don’t have to spend a long time at your alter  -  just enough to ‘connect’ with your Higher Self.  How you do this is also entirely up to you.  You can stand, sit, meditate, pray, do some deep breathing exercises, close your eyes  -  whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Allow yourself to relax and go within.

Prayer is talking  -  mediation is listening.

Our prayers are enhanced when we specifically name our goals or wishes and speak them out loud.  The power of our voice enhances our prayer energy.

In your prayers you can name all that you need assistance with for yourself in your own life, as well as asking for healing and help for others.

Our prayers are always heard and always answered.  They may not be answered as you would expect  -  but they will be answered nonetheless.

As humans, we may not know what the highest good is for our souls and for the souls of those we pray for  -  but the Universal Source knows.  Sometimes there is a lesson we must learn, or there is something coming along, unforseen to us, that will change a situation or issue.  Our prayer may be answered in a most unexpected way.

You can spend time in your sacred space in any number of ways.  Take the time to sit within your personal sacred space.  You may even use this time and place to write down your personal ‘divine wish list’.  Don’t hold yourself back  -  just go with the flow of your true desires.  Be creative and specific, adventurous and imaginative.

At the end of your ‘connecting’ session, ask and call for spiritual White Light protection for yourself and your loved ones.  The White Light can help you stay centred and at peace.  It protects you from negative energies that may be directed towards you.  (This can be via someone’s angry thoughts about you and towards you, anger, hatred, jealousy and all aggressive emotions ...)  When you are not protected by the White Light you are susceptible to absorbing and taking on these negatives, making you irritable, depressed and even prone to accidents.

From time to time throughout the day, and prior to retiring at night, reinforce the spiritual White Light protection by repeating your call and request for protection.

Enjoy your own ‘sacred space’ and expect miracles to happen in your life!

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”  -  Joseph Campbell
Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

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