Feb 14, 2010

Natural Therapy for Pets - Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) was a British medical consultant, homeopath and bacteriologist who developed a natural medicine based upon plant and flower essences. These flower essences


Agrimony is excellent for dogs that act as guides or assistants, animals in the rescue services where they may become exhausted or stressed, but show no outward signs.

Agrimony is helpful for any creatures with skin irritations and those out of their natural habitat that find it hard to settle.

Agrimony is also excellent for horses.


The Aspen essence calms very highly-strung creatures of all kinds and pets during storms. Aspen relieves pets that are anxious in new surroundings (eg. after a house move).

Aspen is useful for animals and birds that find it hard to sleep or rest.


Beech is effective to use for snappy, irritable creatures that are unreliable with children and other animals, especially young ones.

Beech is great for horses that are unfriendly to new or novice riders and/or handlers.

Beech is good to use to cure the constant yappers, yowlers, howlers and screechers of the bird and animal kingdom.

Beech is good for stabilizing an animal or birds appetite.


Centaury is used to ease anxieties in troubled or bullied animals, and for all creatures that spend a lot of their time confined (eg. a stabled horse or caged bird)

Centaury prevents pets from becoming over-sensitive to their owner’s moods. It is also beneficial for the pregnant and/or nursing female animals, and gives strength during a long labour.

Centaury assists animals during a long illness, and is excellent for a creature who has given up his will to fight for itself.


Cerato is effective for all animals that need to be trained (or re-trained), whether for obedience, show purposes, birds of prey in controlled flight or for those animals that work to assist humans.

Cerato helps an animal to remain loyal to its owner/s, and if sprinkled around entrances, it prevents animals from straying or becoming lost.

Cerato is good for cats that do not have a well-developed homing instincts.


Cherry Plum is an excellent remedy for highly-strung or temperamental animals, notably horses that bite, kick or panic in traffic. Cherry Plum reduces sensitivity to loud noises or traffic.

Cherry Plum minimizes destructive behaviour with indoor creatures, such as feather-plucking, chewing and scratching on furniture.

Cherry Plum is excellent to give to male animals when breeding to stop aggressive behaviour and females on heat to prevent them from rejecting a mate.


Chestnut Bud is an essence to use for re-training if bad habits develop in a pet. It teaches animals physical boundaries (eg. dogs to return when called). It is also useful for establishing emotional boundaries, such as not attacking other animals or jumping up on people.

Chestnut Bud essence makes a large, clumsy animal more aware of obstacles, especially in confined spaces.


Chicory is soothing for over-possessive animals that constantly demand attention, and reduces jealousy of other family members.

Chicory also helps when an animal insists on sleeping with owners, and for constant barking, howling or screeching when owners go out or away.


Crab Apple is useful for animals that become obsessive about food or cleaning and/or preening themselves. It is also helpful for removing the pollutants and noise that can adversely affect creatures in the modern world.

Crab Apple is excellent for rescue animals to help them relax.


Holly is useful for reducing jealousy and/or resentment of new family members, whether it be another animal, a partner or new baby.

Holly makes irritable, aggressive creatures more tolerant of others.


The Honeysuckle essence is very helpful for an animal that has lost its mate, or if a family member has gone away permanently or has died.

Sprinkle diluted Honeysuckle essence around the bed of a young animal that has been newly separated from its mother and/or siblings.


Impatiens is a good remedy for creatures that become easily irritated by other animals. It is effective for reducing confrontations in aviaries or in shared, small animal enclosures.

Impatiens makes animals more receptive to training, especially in communal obedience classes.

Impatiens is excellent for assistance animals if they show signs of overwork.


Mimulus helps animals to overcome fears of specific noises or places.

Mimulus is helpful for small animals that have been roughly handled by children or a previous owner.

Mimulus is good for horses who are easily startled.


Oak is an excellent essence to induce patience in a creature that is temporarily immobilized because of an illness or injury.

Oak assists large animals (especially horses) to pace themselves.

Oak is also known to strengthen ‘helper’ animals, such as guide and rescue dogs.


Olive essence is used to aid recovery in an animal worn out by a long illness or treatment, or one that accidentally strayed and had to fend for itself.

Olive is also useful for animals that have lost a mate, or suffered a family break up or loss.


Rock Rose is the essence to use for all very small or timid creatures. Rock Rose will help accustom them to being handled by humans.

It is soothing for any highly-strung animals, or when a bird or pet has been injured or frightened.


Star of Bethlehem is an essence of ‘reassurance’. If you must leave a pet for an extended amount of time (eg, holiday or business trip), Star of Bethlehem should be sprayed around the home 24 to 48 hours prior to departure.

Star of Bethlehem can be given to a pet or bid that needs to stay overnight away from its owner (eg. vets, boarding kennel, cattery etc). Star of Bethlehem is the essence to use after a house move, as it helps a pet to settle in.


Sweet Chestnut is effective to use for pets who become withdrawn or depressed. Sweet Chestnut also restores a lost appetite and enthusiasm. It is excellent for any abused or neglected animals and helps to allow trust to grow (or re-grow).


The Vervain essence soothes hyperactive and restless animals, especially those subject to a great deal of stress. Vervain also slows down pets that are constantly jumping up and demanding human attention.


Walnut is known as the remedy of ‘change’. It is useful for animals and birds (and humans) as it assists in acceptance of change in the environment or the people around the animal.

Walnut is also good for re-training and breaking bad habits.

    Bach Flower Remedies are safe and effective option when healing and/or balancing is needed.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

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