Feb 14, 2010

Picking The Perfect Pet

Sometimes the reasons for choosing a particular pet are obvious, whilst at other times it may be weeks or months later that we realize we could have picked no other animal.

One common sign that a particular animal is intended to live with us is when a young animal shares their birthday of a former pet or was born on the day or anniversary when a beloved animal companion died. Instinctively, some owners feel that their new pet has been guided to them – not as a replacement for the lost animal, as each animal is unique – but as consolation and as a way of overcoming grief.

Modern science is becoming increasingly aware that everything is made up of connected particles of constantly moving energy. Some researchers believe that humans and animals emit particular frequencies of energies. These energy fields are more compatible with some people and animals than with others. This would explain how particular animals seem to tune-in to us emotionally, and how animals and humans are drawn together by what sometimes seems to be pure coincidence, but is actually a kind of intuitive radar.

There certainly seems to be an intangible chemistry between humans and animals that brings together particular pets and their owners, sometimes in the most unlikely of ways.

The Use of Pendulums in Finding a New Pet

Pendulums are one of the few psychic methods trusted by science and industry and have had spectacular success in finding water and oil for many years. Latterly, they have been used in war situations for locating enemy submarines and landmines, sometimes using only a map.

A pendulum is simply a weight on a chain. It can be made from crystal, metal or wood, or can even be a favourite pendant. It is a useful divination tool for all forms of decision making.

A pendulum operates by psychokinesis: your hand is guided by your unconscious mind to move the pendulum towards the correct choice, from a selection of possibilities.

We rarely recognize or trust the ‘automatic radar’ that operates in our subconscious mind – but when we use a pendulum it gives us an external and tangible expression of our ‘automatic radar’.

Deep within our intuition we have all kinds of buried, useful information, and pets are remarkably efficient at loosening our intuitive inhibitions. A pendulum held over a written list of possible locations will reflect our hidden psychic awareness of where we will find the new pet. The pendulum responds by a tugging, downward movement or a sudden heaviness over one choice on the list.

Dreaming About Animals

Sometimes we may receive a signal that a particular animal is intended for us through a dream. It is the ‘automatic radar’ in our subconscious mind alerting us that a specific kind of animal or even one individual creature is right for us, even if our conscious choice would be different.

Pet owners tend to be especially alert to this form of guidance because they are sensitive to their own intuitive processes, and therefore, are tuned-in to the needs of animals - even those they may not have met yet.

Sometimes our conscious minds can create all kinds of practical obstacles, but the subconscious mind will guide us effortlessly to make the right decisions – if we allow it to do so.


You may wish to establish, in advance, a psychic and emotional connection between yourself and your future pet so that mutual recognition is instantaneous. If this is the case, you could try visualization – an effective psychological method of focusing on what you want.

The power of the mind is far greater than we realize and we can make a telepathic connection with an animal that is on our emotional wavelength, through visualization. We can create a space in our mind in which we can visualize or imagine our future pet. This works because animals that are seeking owners are so open that they transmit intuitive vibes of love into the cosmos and our own ‘radar’ picks these up unconsciously.

Even if you find it hard to accept the idea of innate psychic powers, by allowing your mind to form the picture of the pet you can open your conscious mind to alternatives that might actually suit you better than the choice made by your conscious mind. If you find an entirely different creature appearing in your visualization (or daydreams) it may be a way of alerting you to an affinity you have with a particular animal that you had not recognized.

Some people believe that you can draw the right animal closer to you through an innate psychic power call ‘psychokinesis’ – the same power that lies behind pendulum work. This is the ability of the mind to draw compatible people or animals and circumstances into your life.

Choosing the Right Name

Often it is difficult to choose a name in advance as animal personalities differ, just as humans do. Anything can prompt a name once your animal has arrived, such as a colour or personality trait. Often you or a family member may speak an unplanned name when you first see an animal, and in that split second you will know it could not have been anything else.

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