May 5, 2009


Everyone is inherently psychic - and this is most evident in small children who talk about seeing ‘invisible’ friends and angels, and who know and speak of things they couldn’t possibly know … for example, when loved ones have been in an accident etc.

In families and societies where psychic visions are discouraged, children shut down or off their spiritual sight.

Psychics generally have one or two channels in which they are naturally gifted.

* Receiving psychic impressions as pictures is ‘clairvoyance’ or ‘clear-seeing’.

* ‘Clairsentience’ or ‘clear-feeling’ is when psychic messages come in the form of hunches, emotions, smells or physical sensations.

* Psychic impressions such as sounds, noises and voices is known as ‘clairaudience’ or ‘clear-hearing’.

* Receiving psychic information as complete ideas is known as ‘claircognizance’ or ‘clear-thinking’.

The more you accept psychic abilities as a natural part of life, the more frequently they occur.

Some ways to amplify your psychic abilities include keeping a diary of each day’s ‘coincidences’. The best way is to TRUST your psychic impressions without question. This will increase your knowing that you are guided by your higher-self and your spirit guides and angels.

There are two main ways to access psychic information. One is by simply asking a question, and another is by deciding to allow the information to flow spontaneously into your awareness.

We are all able to get answers and information simply by asking. Your experience follows your intentions, We simply need to ask for guidance and then follow it.

Before asking a question, allow your mind to become as blank and relaxed as possible. Ask your question when you feel ready. You will receive your answer in your mind or body as a picture, a feeling, a knowingness and often via audible words.

The most reliable advice we can ever receive comes from our own intuition and ‘gut feelings’.

There are big differences between the true inner-guide - your intuition and the voice of your ‘ego’. Intuitive, inner-guide instructions are positive and loving, whereas ego’s advice is based in fear.

If you don’t heed your inner-voice then it will patiently repeat the advice over and over until you are ready to hear it.

A most excellent way to activate your psychic abilities is to PRACTICE with faith and trust.

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Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. Hello,

    You have provided a very good site to knowing about psychic abilities. One of the benefits of regularly meditating is improved psychic ability, these natural psychic abilities lie buried deep under layers of materialism and indoctrination hibernating.

  2. Your info sharing is really appreciable and I also think that the psychic abilities can be increased with the help of some practice.

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  8. as i ask questions seek knowledge it unfolds in my lap.

    1. COULDN'T have expressed it more better. You took the WORDS right out of my mouth. It keeps HAPPENING over AND over AND over again. I believe I am CLAIRCOGNIZANT. Am looking into it NOW. Have to EMBRACE it, I guess!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‡

  9. thank you so much for breaking these questions down. we all appreciate knowledge being spreed.

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  11. can i ask for help in my head do ascended masters hear me

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  13. How does SUMONE begin to comprehend, things that they were raised against.

    1. By accepting to change our beliefs. The way I have taught myself is to always be acceptable for any and all beliefs to change multiple times and only to a more higher positive belief...

      When You Believe In Something, Something Will Believe In You...