May 6, 2009

Working With The Angels

Working with angels is beyond simple really and there is no need for any complicated ritual or ceremony. All you need is an open heart, faith and trust, and a readiness to receive assistance.

As a personal example, I have always had ‘issues’ with electrical appliances. Apparently my kinetic energy interferes with the electrical do-dahs and vice versa - so I’m often faced with temperamental non-working or faulty appliances … my computer being just one of them.

Rather than rant, rave and abuse the appliance both verbally and physically, working myself into a crazy woman (or crazier woman) along the way, getting nowhere fast, I now stop what I’m doing and ask for the most relevant angels to assist me. In the case of my computer (and most other appliances …) I ask for help from the angels, turn off the program/machine/appliance, then get on with other tasks.
Without fail, when I turn on the appliance it will be working just fine …
problem solved.

I just trust that it works - and it does.
Give it a try.

… If it doesn’t work, then it’s happened for a specific reason …
- maybe it’s an indication that something has to change and/or needs your attention … or maybe the appliance really is faulty. That will be for you to find out.

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  1. thank you. I hope so it is beyond simple. I keep seeing number 44. I believe that the angels are here for me trying to get my attention (isn't that right?) so at dawn just now I tried to speak up to them, call them and asked for a sign. I actually did not get anything returned just the quietness of the dawn. please help me. - well, I did hear like.. coins fell on the floor, I heard it from my right ear. well.. a coincidence maybe. please help me to understand. u may email me at thank you God bless you..

  2. i have heard your prayer and i send angels to you i ask you and them to strengthen your bond and the light grid, i ask you to open yourself to your intuition and invite them regularly and before you sleep pray that they will restructure your subconcious to receive their love, if you pray for others and give to the universe it will come back to you stronger i pray that our love is sent to the angels and echoed through eternity to sustain the link and nourish them and you. they will strengthen your imagination and guide you to them you must remember to pray with love in your heart as this is the carrier wave they rely on to interact with us. the heavens are strong and you must ask questions of yourself that transcend all of the worlds assumptions and define yourself, take away limitations on yourself and as you consider the nature of these things you will become more and more aware. ask them to take your love and spread it far and wide to others ask them to strengthen your love so that you can maintain a strong connection to them. be willing to give freely and thank them for their help no matter how slight. promise to love yourself and others entirely and fulfill that promise. ask them to take your doubts and fears and make your beleif into knowledge, we need you to be awakened and ready to bring a loving reality into existence. in all areas. we value all your efforts and i send my love to you and the angels to help you. you will see a difference think it say it on the carrier wave of love without doubt and without fear. know yourself and go inside to discover more, it helps to use music of a positive nature to reinforce the emotion of love i reccomend ash shining light. imagine your emotions are like a visualisation on your music program your love like the northern lights and the angels like the celestial bodies in space incandescent violet eternal loving light. i love you dearly please join us

    1. Thank you soooo much!!!!💙💙🙏🏽

  3. Love your website very much! Thank you for all your work! ✨️🙏✨️❤️

  4. Thank You for Your Radiant Light.💜💜💜