May 4, 2009

Abundance and the Law of Attraction

Abundance is a Universal principle that many of us do not experience because we misinterpret it. We believe it means having material things and striving for more of those things. But abundance really means understanding that our eternity and our Universe are endless.

Abundance is related to how you feel about yourself. If you feel that you are important enough to ask, and divine enough to receive, receiving will be your reward. If, on the other hand, you feel unworthy, it will be almost impossible for abundance to flow into your life.

Make a personal commitment to do what you love and to love what you do …. TODAY!

Abundance flows when we love what we are doing.

Detach yourself from the need to hold onto things and people.

In essence you can never own anyone or anything. Every 'attachment' is an impediment to living at a higher level of consciousness. On another level, attachments are responsible for reduced personal happiness and success. The more you can let go of people and things, the fewer obstacles you have in your life journey.

The ability to be detached from all things and all people, and yet still see yourself as a part of the whole of humanity, is one of the greatest paradoxes of the spiritual journey. Detachment is one of life's great lessons for those on the path to enlightenment.

Abundance is much more than just money. Abundance is the flow of energy that comes to us from the Universal Source of life, both spiritual and material prosperity.

Abundance is love and wisdom. It is talent, skills, virtues, money and material goods – abundance is whatever we need to fulfill our life’s purpose.

Energy should be flowing freely to us and through us, to materialize abundance. If we are not experiencing that flow of abundance then we have to ask ourselves why. What is it within us or around us that is blocking the abundant flow of prosperity?

The first key to unblocking us is:

Be GRATEFUL for everything that happens to you’.

Be grateful for the joy and beauty of all creation, including the beauty of your own soul. Be continuously grateful for all that you are, and what you have, and you will see how your abundance will increase.

Be grateful for everything that happens to you. Count the negatives, the positives, the miracles and disasters – everything – because they are teachers teaching us our lessons.

Even when things are not going as you would like, be grateful for being shown that there are some adjustments you need to make in order to make things go right.

In negative situations when you may find it difficult to be grateful, it is important to realize that anything coming towards you is energy coming your way. Bless the messenger who delivers that particular bundle of energy, then reclaim and transmute it into something positive.

Be grateful and see the light in everyone you meet. There is something special about everyone, and you can help them to see what it is.

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  1. I am most certainly grateful for your dedication to
    your work, Over the last few years I have been very aware of NUNMBERS repeatedly showing up. Iwas not aware at first that there was any spiritual connection.
    However,there were just too many times that the same numbers would be on a clock or in something i might be reading or on a bill. and so on. I began to study more about sacred numbers and the ancient meanings. Also, I found your website and now I use it as a guide.
    Grateful for your attention to detail. Thank you Joanne

  2. Thank you sooo much! The numbers and messages were a great support but at a crucial time in my life that was a total battle between God and the enemy they were a life saver! I literally used my intuition and the numbers and Christian music and prayers to raise me to higher vibrational levels so I could be born into a new life! God bless you and the people who come here.

  3. Thank you so much for all you do!

  4. I still don't know what to do or what ever it is. But iam grateful that I have a job.