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It is not too surprising that ‘Pet Astrology’ is becoming popular among pet owners who are eager to understand more about their pet’s personalities. Through Astrology it may be possible to predict a puppy’s, foal’s, or kitten’s needs, wants and compatibilities with a prospective owner, or the creatures with whom it will share a home or pen, by using its birth date and time to find the relevant Star (or Sun) sign. Some people even take birth signs into account for breeding purposes.

Pedigree animal’s Zodiac signs are easily identifiable because these animals come complete with a certificate, giving the date and possibly even the time of birth.

You can usually find out when a puppy, kitten, foal, bird or animal was born by asking the person who you get the pet from. Hopefully they will know the date or will at least be able to give you a fairly accurate date.

Alternatively, you can examine early individual vet records for immunizations and examinations as these are given at set stages of growth, from which you can work out an approximate birth date.

ARIES (21 March - 20 April)

Pets born under Aries are free spirits, totally without guile, independent (unless they want attention) energetic, competitive, and very determined to get or go their own way.

Although natural leaders of any other animals in the home, they will be very loyal to their owners.

Arian animals are fearless in protecting those they love. They are better with adults than children, and need to be kept stimulated.

With Arian animals, boundaries need to be established early in their lives.

TAURUS (21 April - 21 May)

Taurean pets are patient, reliable, practical, loyal and home-loving. They demand the most comfortable spot in the house or stable, the best brands of food and a lot of grooming, petting and attention.

Taurean pets can become very possessive about what they consider to be theirs. They are incredibly attached to their owners and their homes, and thrive on a regular routine. Taurean pets have a tendency to become overweight if left unchecked.

Taurean pets are tolerant with children and young animals, and also make good companions for older people.

GEMINI (22 May - 21 June)

The most intelligent of the zodiacal signs, Gemini pets are very vocal and love new challenges and adventures. They are natural clowns and crave constant attention.

Gemini animals are constantly on the go and even older animals will remain playful and active. Gemini pets need a great deal of exercise and stimulation, and are ideal with teenagers and with anyone with an active or sporting lifestyle.

CANCER (22 June - 22 July)

Cancerian pets are naturally home-loving and whether male or female, they are the ‘nurturers’ of the pet/animal world, taking care of smaller or weaker animals, babies, children and most of all, their owner’s.

Cancerian pets are extremely sensitive and intuitive, and will anticipate your mood before you are aware of it.

Generally, they do not enjoy holidays away from home or unfamiliar territory and are better left with a ‘sitter’ rather than a kennel or cattery.

Cancerian pets are happiest with owners who spend a great deal of time at home.

LEO (23 July - 23 August)

Leos are the noblest of pets even if they are a ‘mongrel’ or a mixed breed cat, horse or other animal, and are constantly grooming themselves. Leo pets love nothing better than competitions. As long as they are the leader, they will be kind to other animals.

Leos are among the most altruistic of pets and would lay down their lives to save their owners or anyone in need.

Because Leo pets need a lot of attention and praise, they are best with one owner as they sometimes find it difficult to share his or her affection, even with another human.

VIRGO (24 august - 22 September)

‘Perfect’ in every way, Virgo pets are always glossy and well-groomed and would be ideal in a well-furnished home.

Virgo animals of all kinds will be good show pets, consistently winning different kinds of awards.

Virgo pets are happy to be left alone while their owner is at work or out. They can, however, be highly-strung and may panic or become ill if stressed or if there is too much noise or confusion.

LIBRA (23 September - 23 October)

Librans are very charismatic pets and enjoy petting, patting and admiration from others - the more the merrier.

Libran pets are very changeable in their food preferences and are sometimes fussy eaters. They can also be incredibly lazy animals and would snooze their lives away if given the chance.

Libran pets make excellent companions that are popular with everyone. They also make good urban pets and love to socialize.

SCORPIO (24 October - 22 November)

Scorpio pets are very psychic and you may feel that you can never fully fathom them. This animal’s trust needs to be earned. Once it is gained, he or she would walk through fire for their owner/s.

Scorpio pets will forever bury and hide objects and they are also natural hunters, so a Scorpio pet will be excellent if you have problems with rats and/or mice.

Scorpio pets are extremely stubborn and can be drama kings or queens if they feel neglected or unfairly treated. Sometimes they take slight to the most minor of slights. Scorpios are excellent pets for people who enjoy a slightly unpredictable pet.

SAGITTARIUS (23 November – 21 December)

Sagittarian pets are the noisiest and most active pets of the Zodiac. Sometimes they may go missing for a few hours, or even sometimes, days.

They love company - the more the better - and prefer a varied and spontaneous routine and lifestyle.

Sagittarian pets are very good at leaning new things quickly and are excellent performers – but only if they are in the right mood. Sometimes they may lack the staying power for animal obedience classes, horse shows, dog and cat shows and the like.

Sagittarian pets are best in a very active household and especially enjoy the company of men and teenage boys.

CAPRICORN (22 December – 20 January)

Of all the Zodiac signs, this pet is the least maintenance. The Capricorn pet is totally reliable and will never beg for tidbits or complain about going out on wet nights. They also don’t mind what they eat and are not considered to be very fussy eaters.

Capricorn pets are very stable and are good with visiting children - although they can sometimes find toddlers to be irritating, and will tend to retreat to their private place if they are around.

Loyal from the earliest days, Capricorn pets will never be lured away or turn their back on you, whatever your troubles may be.

Capricorn pets are cautious to the point of obsession, and prefer older or quieter people, rather than party-goers or a large, boisterous family.

AQUARIUS (21 January – 18 February)

Aquarian pets only really need owners for their basic requirements - although they do make excellent pets. They are totally unconcerned about what you can give them materially, and are good companions with their endearing and sometimes quirky behaviour and total honesty.

Aquarian pets need a great deal of freedom and ‘alone time’, so Aquarian pets are ideal if you are out a great deal of the time.

Aquarian pets are curious and intelligent, and will explore their own territory and the world beyond, if given the opportunity. Aquarians are not particularly good with other animals and will bark or yowl if upset.

They are wonderful as a solo pet, especially for a person or couple who will not make constant emotional demands on their companion animal.

PISCES (19 February – 20 March)

Piscean pets are another very intuitive and home-loving creature, whose world is bound up with that of the owner.

Piscean pets will share your moods and so will be a very comforting pet when you are feeling lonely or unloved.

Piscean pets are very dreamy and will often stare out the window or off into space for hours on end.

Although good with babies and children, as well as sick and unhappy people, the Piscean pet can be prone to depression and to psychomatic or stress-related illnesses, and can react badly to family quarrels, smoke and physical pollution.

Piscean pets will grieve dreadfully if an animal or person within the family is hospitalized, leaves home or has died.

Pisceans are especially excellent pets for girls and women.

Astrological Compatibility

The animal/owner compatibility within a household, aviary or animal pen, is no different from that of human lovers or partners.

Although you may decide to choose a pet that is totally compatible with your own birth sign, different factors will emerge in interactions with other household members and pets. You might find it interesting to watch how a pet or human with a less instantly compatible astrological sign learns to give ‘house room’ to others in the household and form an exciting mix.

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