Aug 23, 2010

Lightworkers & Lightworking

As spiritual beings in a human existence, we each have a life purpose or soul mission to complete in our life. It is the reason we incarnate on the Earth plane.

As lightworkers we specifically volunteered to be here during the most crucial of Earth’s times before and after the year 2000, in a concerted effort to spread our loving energies in order to dissipate destructive and negative mass consciousness. Many lightworkers are on the Earth plane at this time with the specific purpose of using our knowledge of healing to teach, counsel, write, heal and enlighten others.

As lightworkers our most vital contributions to the planet Earth and its inhabitants are done on a mental and spiritual plane. Consequently, if a lightworker frets over a world problem or issue and becomes frustrated because of a feeling of being unable to contribute positively through ‘bodily’ efforts, those thoughts and feelings thwart their healing abilities. The fretting adds fuel to the mass world consciousness of fear.

In the case of terrorists, rapists and murderers, criminals, rather than succumbing to human feelings of fear, disgust, rejection and hate, a lightworker must focus and send love, light and healing to the perpetrator. To feel and send negative energies only fosters and grows more negatively, feeding the fear mentally.

As lightworkers we are apt encounter resistance from people who fear or misunderstand our motives. We must not react to their fears with anything but love and light, otherwise we give power and reality to fear.

Lightworkers are able to manifest and heal anything … if they hold the essence of Love.

Every instance in which you have experienced pain can serve as our ‘teacher’ helping us to learn, grow and find ways to live in peaceful happiness. Our hard-won lessons while here on Earth are also valuable in our roles as ‘Lightworkers’.  Because we have experienced pain, we are able to feel compassion for those who become our clients, students, friends and associates.

As lightworkers, our mission depends upon our learning how to stay centered in our higher-self’s love. Our promise to help the world obligates us to give our ego a restraining order and to choose thoughts of love instead of thoughts of guilt and fear. We must be willing to let go of our petty ego-based concerns so that we can focus our entire mind on our tasks.

As a lightworker you were born to perform healing functions. Some lightworkers will be attracted to and involved in emotional healing, physical healing, research, teaching, writing, the arts, counseling and the like.

Lightworkers who are called to do spiritual healing will be working in the true-self world - therefore, our focus is not so much on actions, or doing treatments as such. Our job is to help others change from ‘ego’ to ‘true-self’. Lightworkers are also able to call upon angels and holy masters to evoke healing.

Your inner-guide will lead you to the place and healing modality or role where you belong. You will know whether you are supposed to get training or educational preparation/certification. If you are, then your inner-guide will lead you to the right teacher, course or school. Your guides and the Universe will help you to afford the necessary course and lesson fees.

In time, the people who will be your clients and students will be led to you through their own inner-guides.

Don’t worry about how you will learn to do your lightworking function - just trust that you will.

Each lightworker receives their own unique assignments in regards to how to help in the healing of the world.

Lightworkers may be called upon to do healing work on either the ‘ego plane’ of energy and matter, or the true-self’s spiritual plane. In energy healing work, you use your natural psychic attunement abilities to see and feel your client’s energy centers. Your energy work may also incorporate psychic healing in which you tune into your client’s emotions and thoughts that are creating ‘problems’. Energy work also includes mediumship which involves working with the energy fields of deceased people who may be affecting others.

A lightworker’s purpose in conducting psychic readings is different from the image of a parlour-style fortune-teller. Lightworkers are here to fulfill healing functions. Psychic abilities and communication help to hear, see, feel and/or know the source of someone’s emotional and/or physical distress, enabling one to offer and give the relevant healing/s.


It is important to take deep breaths, as his is how the spirit world transmits information to us.


It is very important to watch your thoughts about other people. All spiritual texts emphasize that the way we think about others instantly affects the way we think about ourselves. How you think and treat another is how you think of yourself. Therefore, consciously work at looking and treating others with the same sort of respect that you wish to feel towards yourself.


Prayers’ power to heal has been widely documented and there is a great deal of scientific evidence and medical research about prayers remarkable curative powers. While one person’s prayers alone can heal any condition, there is a lot of evidence that group prayers effect remarkable healings.

One singular prayer is like one light beam, whereas when we join our single prayer with that of others with the same intent, our prayers combine to shine a much brighter light.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. Thank you I needed this bless you in Christ name 🙏💚👼

  2. Thank you I needed this God bless you in Christ name 🙏💚👼

  3. Thank you Joanne...I truly agree with what you have written. I am one of the light workers and it helps a lot to have such info and explanation regarding light working. Thanks once again for this inspiration.

  4. This entire website is amazing. Joanne, thank you for blessing all who arrive here to receive the messages you relay, in order that we may better understand who, what, and why we are here.
    Abundant blessings and love to you!

  5. Thank you Joanne. I have probably visited your site everyday, multiple times a day since I ran across it a couple weeks ago. You are amazing. I have realized that I'm callled to be a lightworker and the information you provide is so uplifting!. Thank you for your wonderful and blessed insight. Blessings, love and peace to you.

  6. Thank you!! I recently realized I am a lightworker in the world and I've been spreading my positivity for months prior!!! This has helped me so much in knowing I'm going down the right path in life and I can't wait to spread more of my knowledge and love!!!!

  7. Thank you joanne,i finley starting to understand,what it's mean to become a lightworker.God and all my Angels,work realy hard with me.Thank you again and god bless you.

  8. Thank you for your guidance Joanne. I love your site and the many links to even more information that opens our eyes. It helps us be who we truly are I am most grateful to know I am on the right path as a Light worker and healer. Thanks to you many blessings love and light for you xxx

  9. Dear Joanne.
    It's so interesting. I started seeing the same number again and again and again about two years ago. I hadn't ever been into numerology, but this freaked me out so much that I literally "googled" "why do I see this number everywhere", haha. And then I stumbled on your site as well as a bunch of other ones about angel numbers. I like how yours is very concrete and straight forward. It has helped me a lot in understanding my path. Thank you! I just started my own website, since I thought I might start sharing my work as a lightworker. If you would have the time to take a look and give feedback, I would love to hear it. It's Otherwise, I'll just keep going to your page, when ever I need to decode an angel number. Love and light, Cecilie

  10. My mother makes me Sunshine. The world has given me horrible circumstances yet I still rise and shine! Thank you for the confirmation and the namesake ~Lightworker

  11. Hello,Joanne my Name is Nichole Winger and I have come to the conclusion that I must be a lightworker I have always felt that I don't belong here on Earth and I have never felt like I fit in and I am so strong for all the things I have gone through in my life I have been things starting at the age of my innocence I was only five years old when I was hurt by people who were my neighbors and they did physical harm to me and I was blamed by my own grandmother for what happened to me but now that I am older I know now that it is not my fault but I have gone through so much more in my forty years here on Earth and trying to stay strong and not give up even a couple of times I was almost successful of ending my life and for some reason by God and his miracles and his angels I am still here and seeking answers from God and trying to find my way in this life I feel like I am some sort of magical being sent to earth for the purpose I feel in my heart to spread the word of God and to help heal the world from the sin in this world that seems to be getting worse day by day and so on and so forth . I hope you are doing well. I am getting better by going to counseling but I have a mission to get the gospel of our Lord and savior jesus. And I feel like I am chosen by God to help spread his love to the world. Thank you for your help I keep seeing so many repeating number sequences over and over again daily and I know now my purpose in life now because of the angels sending me messages with the numbers. God bless you. Sincerely, Nichole Arlene Winger

  12. Joanne I learned of your page through a conversation with a homeless guy when I first learned of my journey. Ever since then I come here for confirmation. Thank you for being obedient to your souls purpose. Love and light 🌏

  13. Joanne thanks so much for doing what you do to help others also GOD has called you to help us thanks so much for that help.

  14. Someone told me I had the brighest white light around me she'd ever seen.What does that mean? I didn't ask.

  15. Thank you Joanne. I am a lightworker.

  16. Thank you Joanne, I am truly greatful

  17. 💙🙏🦋, tank u Joanne.

    Love & Light