Aug 10, 2010

The Benefits of Expressing Gratitude

With so much going on in our lives today it is easy to forget and overlook who and what we are truly grateful for. It can be challenging to focus on what we are grateful for when we are feeling overwhelmed, dis-satisfied or disgruntled. We can find any number of reasons (or excuses) for not focusing on what we are grateful for, such as:

• Feeling too busy or stressed in our daily lives

• Focusing on the negatives in life and the world around us

• Paying attention to what we may feel we are ‘lacking’ in our lives

• Waiting for things to change for the better

• Focusing on what works needs to be done rather than on what you’ve already achieved and are steadily achieving

These reasons are understandable, but unfortunately they get in the way of fully feeling, living and expressing the most powerful emotions we have access to - the power of gratitude.

When we choose to re-focus on the positives and choose to be grateful for what we have rather than what we do not have, the power of transformative gratitude changes our lives. The more we are grateful and show gratitude for all the blessings in our lives, the more we will receive in kind. Simple things we take for granted that we can choose to be grateful for each day will lead us to receiving more blessings in our lives.

Stop and take stock of your true core values ... ask yourself:

“What do you love most about the people in your life?”

“What do you appreciate about your life and lifestyle today?”

“What are you truly grateful for, both small and large?”

The emotion and expression of gratitude makes us feel good about ourselves, others and our world. It is also a wonderfully powerful attractor of love, peace, abundance, good health and wellbeing, success and connection with self and with Source. The more we positively focus upon what we already enjoy, appreciate and truly love in our lives, the more we find we have to be grateful for.

There are too many ways to practice gratitude to list but some simple things to do could include:

• writing cards, notes or emails and expressing your gratitude to others who have touched your life;

• meditate and focus on what you are grateful for and thank the Universe for your blessings;

• arrange a lovely dinner party or impromptu celebration for yourself and others;

• keep a gratitude journal and make sure the write in it regularly;

• keep a simple list you can add to as you think of precious things to be grateful for;

• think of some unique, thoughtful and personal ways of expressing your gratitude to others and yourself ... treat yourself with love and appreciation.

Enjoy your blessings ...

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Joanne Walmsley
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  1. Words cannot explain how much I loved this message, keep up the loving work we need more of this.. I'm grateful to have witness this message.. don't mind my email name it's very old

  2. I see 11s all the time & other numbers 222"9.11ect all day, every day now i write them down and look at what it means in spiritual form tell me alot what i didn't no about..

  3. Early this year, I started being curious of these unique number patterns and finding their meanings.This has been a great experience and an eye opener to me as I have seen great personal transformation.I am so grateful for this and keep up the good work.

  4. I'm grateful and thankful to the UNIVERSE for everyone and everything I have in my life! !!!!

  5. Thank you for being here and writing this message. Sending you love peace and happiness. ❤️❤️

  6. Thank you for all the encouragement and kindness and love expressed with your blogs...I truly appreciate all of the messages our higher powers deliver through your positive affirmations herein. Kudos love long life anddelight with the astral energies and purest light under God.

  7. Thank You, Joanne. I am really grateful for every lesson in my life. Just wrote a thanks message to my friend and she said:" Thank you, you made my day." Thank you for everyone and everything in my life.
    Love, U.

  8. Thank you. I enjoy your post as I continue learning. Thank you, God bless

  9. I am grateful. Thanks my God , the angels and the Universe. I wish you all , peace , vitality, good health , protection and good fortune. Love you all πŸ™❤️🌎Beautiful souls πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™❤️